Walking The Talk – Bravo Fargo Cass Public Health!

I visited Fargo Cass Public Health a couple of weeks ago at their relatively new location (since August last year) on 25th Street South. Locals may recall that Public Health spent many years downtown before the move to the former Sunmart location off 13th Avenue. I really like their new location, it is bright and cheery and very easy…
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The Squirrel And The Hibiscus…

I never fully trust things I see or hear before my first cup of morning coffee. It takes some caffeine infusion to right my senses and sharpen my mind. As such, when I looked out my kitchen window yesterday morning and saw a squirrel scamper out of my garden and up and over the neighbor’s…
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The Utility Of Well-Placed Guilt.

One of my most common disclaimers when I meet new folks is that one of my parents was raised Jewish and the other was raised Catholic, hence I am “half Jewish/half Catholic – which equals twice the guilt.” And while I say this partially in jest, it is grounded in a clear understanding and appreciation of the…
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United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Let me say at the outset that I do not draw conclusions about the actions of law enforcement officers from videos posted on social media. I learned long ago that it is prudent to wait to hear all the facts before coming to any conclusion about whether an officer’s actions were lawful and justified. The split-second decisions…
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My Favorite Wife

Husbands – I’ve had a few; but, I only have one wife, and she is my favorite. I have not had a wife for long. We were officially coupled this past April at the the Statue of Liberty in New York City. We were coupled by a delightful older gentleman named Ray and our coupling was…
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