Don’t Rain On My Parade Québec!

I am on the annual Oprah and Gayle pilgrimage to Québec , Canada to visit my darling grandchildren, Noah Jr. and Cortney, with my son Noah. The pilgrimage was so named long ago as an homage to Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King’s Big Adventure – a 10 day road trip from California to New York.…
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Expired: Pizza Review In Retrospect

I had a troubling moment last evening after I went to dispose of the box from the DiGiorno three pack box of pepperoni pizzas I purchased from Sam’s Club recently. As I was deconstructing the pizza box for recycling I noticed that the best by date stamped on the box was November 4, 2015. Whoa…back…
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buick regal

Apparently, This Is Grandma’s Car!

It only took about two and a half years with my Kia Sorento for me to start looking for an exit strategy.  I am not sure exactly where it started going downhill, but once I started talking about my lackluster appreciation for the Kia to anyone who would listen, I knew I already had one foot out…
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A 17 year old teenager in the West Fargo School District committed suicide on Wednesday. West Fargo students were informed of the suicide yesterday. My daughter Cheyenne told me about it when she came home from school and after my initial shock my first question was, “Why?” Cheyenne did not know the answer to this…
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tam and cc resized

Everyone Needs A Little Lucy In Their Life…

I never imagined I would be an Ethel, until I was. I believed for a long time that being an Ethel meant doing what was expected and safe. Frankly, being an Ethel seemed dull. Not that anyone saw me as an Ethel, everyone assumed I was all Lucy, all the time. But the line between…
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