Did You Sign The Waiver?

Something has gone terribly awry. I have three early AM meetings this week…what have I done to upset the balance of nature?

Now when I say meetings I don’t mean the kind of meetings where my fanny meets the couch while I leisurely sip coffee (although those are my favorite meetings and do seem to last the longest); oh no, these are “get dressed, get in the car, drive to the campus and bring your brain (on full-function) with you” meetings. As I have said before – there is a process that must occur daily for me to safely integrate into civilized society. It is not safe to shortcut the process. Did I properly emphasize that? Those who ask me to shortcut the process should sign a waiver that acknowledges the risks involved and waives their right to sue in the event of an injury.

Today I am teaching the first segment of a CERT class (Community Emergency Response Team) at NDSU. I do this because I believe in the value of CERT and because the coordinator of these training sessions, Sara Lepp from FirstLink, is so fun to work with. And that matters you know. Working with someone like Sara who is high energy and fun makes it seem like it’s not work at all.

You may have heard about Sara…she was cited as the “unsung hero of the flood”. One has to wonder if she’ll be on the same trajectory that Denny Walaker took as a result of the 1997 floods. Who knows…she may be mayor of Fargo in a few years. That would sure put a progressive new spin on Fargo seeing as Sara is all of 26 years old presently. I can see it already, first the Mayor of Fargo, then the Governor of North Dakota and then a run for the White House…it could happen (wait maybe it did…but that gal was from Wasilla, not Fargo). 🙂

Also, Sara is funny both purposely and without even trying (but I guess that applies to Denny as well) and she has a “git er done” attitude that allows her to mow through challenges. Oh yes, I’d vote for Sara in a minute – she is on her game. Plus with her as mayor those “Hip. Cool. Fun.” Fargo t-shirts might start selling at a quicker pace.

But, I must disclose in all honesty, that in addition to the above she buys really good snacks for the training sessions and she laughs at all my jokes. Those two things are the final little bit of motivation I need to get to an 8 AM presentation.

Wow, that is powerful testimony from someone who is a self-avowed “add coffee to create something that resembles a human being” kind of person. If she can get me to go out at 8 AM perhaps she does have a future in politics.

Sign me up to be her campaign manager…press conferences will be held routinely at 10 AM and yes, coffee and really good snacks will be served.

Day twenty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da


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