Mama’s Got A Brand New Toy…

We have a new toy at our house. I bet you won’t be able to guess what it is.

No, it is not a Wii Fit. That is not what I would consider a new toy. I understand that it actually groans when you gain weight. I don’t need a mechanism that adds guilt to weight gain. I am already half Jewish and half Catholic – I have enough guilt to go around. I appreciate that the idea is to make exercise “fun”. Yeah, having a hard time imagining the “fun” of it.

No, it is not a big screen television. I am saving that purchase for the day when I have had enough of Mr. Carol. I figure if I have one of those giant screens in the downstairs TV room he’ll never come out. I may employ this tactic to help me get to a noteworthy anniversary (I’ll start with a five year anniversary and move my aspirations upward as I evidence incremental successes).

No, it is not a new surround sound stereo system. I have my little inexpensive boom box on the kitchen counter and that creates enough sound for our entire house. We are still in the early nineties as far as stereo technology goes. I count myself as somewhat advanced having moved past the 8-tracks and record player, but we do admittedly still have cassettes around here.

No, it is not a new video camera. We have a couple of those around here already and lately I am not a fan of being memorialized on film. Cheyenne likes nothing better than to videotape up your nose or to fill the whole screen shot with your fanny. She fancies herself as quite the filmmaker some days and I worry about the day she becomes famous and these lovely childhood pieces go public. Trust me, my nostrils and fanny do not have the makings of fine art.

No, it is not a Roomba vacuum. Although I must confess that I love the idea of getting an automated vacuum and have toyed with the idea many a time. I was a big fan of the Jetsons cartoon so I am excited about the automated house. I want my own Rosie (the maid robot) to help around the house and provide insightful quips…unfortunately the Roomba is no Rosie.

No, it is none of the above. Indeed, my new toy aligns with the premise that simple things entertain simple minds. My new toy is a waffle maker. Yes…it is true. I purchased a small kitchen appliance willingly and I am excited about it. The times they are a-changin’.

Truthfully, I have been coveting waffle makers from afar for years now. Each time though I would come to my senses when I realized that the machine required additional work other than just plugging it in. But there it was on sale at Kohl’s for $18.99 and I did have my Kohl’s cash to spend…that coupled with often uttered plea, “Puhlease mom, you’ll be my favorite mom ever!” and there I was in the checkout line with the waffle maker.

So we tried it out and it is a beautiful thing. It made perfect waffles and required almost no skill at all. Plus it cleaned up effortlessly. I actually produced edible food with ease – I was tickled pink. Now we are trying to figure out how we can use waffles in every meal and every dessert. I guess this means that my next new toy may be a Wii Fit.

Day fifty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    And you didn’t even manage to make yourself sick? This was a good day then. Kudos to you and your new toy. I was thinking maybe it was some sort of annoying dog, but a waffle maker is better.

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