With My One Good Eye…

Yesterday was one of those days where one contact lens was bugging me all day. So, if you saw me yesterday and it appeared I was winking at you…sorry, it was the contact driving me mad. I rubbed, re-positioned, and applied drops to no avail. I finally took my contacts out when I got home knowing full well that I would wake up the next morning with one of those disgusting crusty eyes. This morning when I indeed woke up with that disgusting crusty eye and a face only a mother could love I made a mental note to make an appointment for Mr. Carol to get his eyes checked as I am not so sure what he is seeing that he thinks is all that lovely. It could be that he is legally blind and the fact has escaped us.

So today will be a glasses day which means I will be searching all day for where I put them as I am infamous for taking them off and then forgetting where I laid them down. My glasses only correct for distance so I need them to see detail more than a few feet away and then I need them off to see up close – and so goes the dance.

But I and my crusty eye digress. What I really want to share with you today was the Sara Lepp giggle of the day. FirstLink is our (NDSU’s EM Program) partner in Teen CERT so we were meeting with our NDSU interns who are facilitating Teen CERT classes this year. Sara works with FirstLink and hired one of our EM folks a few months back to work with her – Melissa Walter. The two of them together are like a comedy team – their rhythm is impeccable and they ping off each other creating a dialogue that just leaves me in stitches. So, bad contact day or not I never want to miss one of these meetings as they are always fun.

So there we are winding down our rather loud and rambunctious meeting in the Minard Hall coffee klatch area and I commented on how cute Melissa’s blouse was. Of course, being the good woman and friend that Melissa is she told me where she purchased it and told me that Sara also had the same blouse, but black with polka dots (the providing of colors is a courtesy so that you do not go out and buy the same color as a friend and show up somewhere looking like twins – because heaven knows Sara, Melissa and I look soooo alike- two cute twenty something blondes and me – even without glasses you should be able to pick me out of that crowd).

Anyway, my response to hearing that Sara had purchased the black with polka dots version caused me to comment on the top she currently had on which was a different style, but also black with polka dots. Sara was taken aback. Her blouse, she objected, was not black with polka dots; it was brown with polka dots. Well, even with only one fully-functioning eye I could tell you that blouse was black. And so ensued the campaign, mainly led by Melissa and myself, but in which we managed to draw in not only the interns at the table but also a book reader trying to mind his own business sitting up against the wall. Even after everyone confirmed that the blouse was indeed black Sara could not fully believe it. It couldn’t be black she argued as she had worn it lots of times with brown pants and indeed even that very day she was wearing – GASP – brown shoes.

And there, my friends, was the crux of it – Sara was horrified that she might have gone out without matching. As the meeting concluded mercilessly for the interns and the other folks in the coffee klatch who were no doubt tired of hearing Melissa and I continue to try and convince Sara that her blouse was black and not brown, Sara pulled her jean jacket together and held her organizer tightly to her chest so no one could see that he blouse did not match her shoes.

Then the discussion migrated to whether Melissa had noticed that Sara was wearing this top with brown before and if so, why didn’t she tell her? That began a boisterous discussion wherein Melissa was trying to convince Sara that one does not go into their boss and comment on their clothes selections. The comment that sticks in my mind from that exchange is, “Hello…I am not going to go in and say hey boss-lady you don’t match!”

On and on it went and even after I headed in another direction for another meeting I imagine it continued for hours because that is how they ping off each other. I laughed all day thinking about this – poor Sara will worry about this for weeks and Melissa will repeatedly tell her with an exasperated look, “Get over it!”

I love working with these two – it is a giggle-fest every time – great women, great humor, and great memories – even when it is all about work. I have made a mental note though to schedule an appointment for Sara at the eye doctor when I schedule Mr. Carol’s appointment. After all, we cannot let this travesty happen again – a black blouse matched with brown pants or shoes – the horror. Some day in the future  I will tell Sara about the time I wore two different colored pumps to work…after I stop laughing about the polka dot blouse and brown shoes (and that may take awhile).

Thank you God for the wild and wacky folks around me – even with only one good eye I can see how fortunate I am.

Day fifty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Melissa

    the boss lady got out of her car today and asked me if she did indeed match today (we have a rather important meeting). i assured her she does (although she did choose to stay away from both black and brown).

    hilarious blog…now i have to go put more eye makeup on because i cried all of it off! 🙂

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