Stop The Madness!

Dryer sheets…it is a love/hate relationship.

I love the invention itself. They are a much better option than that spray stuff you had to spray on the inside of your skirt or dress when it clung in unnatural ways to your thighs and legs (those who have lived it know the horror). And of course you never fully realize your static cling issues until the item is on which makes spraying on the static cling spray stuff seem a bit awkward (albeit, the un-lazy could remove the clothing item and spray it I imagine – never tried that myself). Yet, better to spray up your skirt or dress than suffer all day with static cling. I think we can all agree either as the wearer or the viewer that static cling is an unsightly thing and should be avoided so the opportunity to banish it in the dryer cycle is a true blessing.

But, where do those dryer sheets go? Do you always account for all your used dryer sheets when the laundry load is complete? I am a fan of using more than one dryer sheet in some loads which means that there are more to lose track of. I am not purposeful in collecting them back up and disposing of them. I collect them and dispose of them as I see them, which means that I am unaware if one has planned and executed an escape from the laundry room.

Perhaps it is the nature of my laundry technique or a collaborative effort between the clothing items and the dryer sheets – I am unsure the exact reason why, but I know that many a dryer sheet has successfully escaped my laundry room. I know this because I have caught them – on the outside (of the laundry room that is).

They are devious in their approach. They know just how and where to hide. They lie ever so flat inside clothing items and cling tightly. To the casual wearer in a hurry to get to work they go unnoticed; and, before you know it they are on the outside traveling about the community with their unknowing host. The poor host has no idea that they are aiding and abetting the break out…at least not until they are already on the outside.

It is on the outside when the host is out and about in public that they manage to make themselves known either by moving their way down a sleeve, pant leg or dress. It is then that the oblivious host faces the horror that they have unwittingly facilitated yet another break out.

Perhaps you can tell by the way I relate this to you that I have ashamedly been such a host – numerous times. I have been trying to curb this heinous behavior on the part of dryer sheets by being more vigilant, but I must confess it is an ongoing battle and the dryer sheets keep finding better places to hide. I suspect that there are thousands, indeed millions, of other hosts who are likewise struggling with this challenge.

Because of this, I have started a campaign that I hope you will all join in on – STOP THE MADNESS! COUNT YOUR DRYER SHEETS EVERY TIME. Don’t let another one get past you…together we can keep used dryer sheets where they belong – in the laundry room wastebasket.

Day sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    I have a sneaking feeling that the public laundromats are the meeting rooms of the dryer sheets. It’s the perfect cover.

    I’m a one dryer sheet per load kind of woman. It lessons the probability of break-outs. 😉

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