Looking Forward To Being A C+ Again…

I admit it – I Google almost everything. I can’t help it. Google is quick and easy and supplies you with as much information as you could possibly want. I rationalize that it is the researcher in me that is drawn to powerful search engines, but really it is just a curiosity that is never fully quenched coupled with a lack of time. The good news is I am not a cat or my curiosity would have long ago been the death of me. The bad news is with every search I acquire more information than I can possibly use and I ran out of storage space in my brain in 1988. What I gain in speed of access, I suffer with in terms of volume.

It used to be that I satisfied my curiosity solely with books. I have literally hundreds of books and I have given away a like amount over the years. I even still have a full-blown set of encyclopedias in my house. I cannot tell you the last time I opened any of them. It’s kind of sad really. I simply haven’t the heart to part with them (even though Noah lost the encyclopedia that had the second half of S long ago when he took it to school and I have been left feeling like I have a gaping whole in my access to knowledge ever since). We also have the full collection of Childcraft around here somewhere. They are remnants of the days before the internet.

In my house growing up we had a full-blown set of encyclopedias and Childcraft as well (my parents were smart enough to not allow us to take them to school). They were handy for school reports and for reading on rainy days. I can still recall the visual image of them in my mind on the bookshelf by the kitchen in my childhood home. The memory brings about a feeling of well-being and comfort. Those were the days when I only had the things that kids have on their minds and wasn’t yet aware that growing older had burdens as well as benefits.

When I purchased the encyclopedias and Childcraft I have now Cory was just a baby (yes, a mere 21 years ago). My life was very different then. My type A personality had not fully unfurled. I was more a type C+ personality at that time. I was a stay-at-home mom and my biggest concerns aside from my family were what color curtains to buy for the kitchen. But before you know it I made friends in my new community and became involved with all the goings-on; and, as a result my personality evolved into much more of a type B than a type C+. My return to college and admission to law school pushed me into a full-blown type A and I have never gone back.

Indeed, these days I think I weigh in at about a type A++ personality. The lazy days of looking through encyclopedias and worrying about curtain colors are long gone. I imagine that is why I still have those encyclopedias and Childcraft. They are a memory of simpler times both as a child and as an adult. They are the memory of a world that I will likely not revisit for many more years (unless of course I win the lottery). But they are there for Cheyenne and every so often she is into the encyclopedias and Childcraft reading about something. You see, Cheyenne doesn’t have any unsupervised internet access at my house. She only uses the internet on rare occasions for research with her mom sitting right next to her. Her life as a child is more like mine was and she too has become a collector of books. I think that is a good thing.

So for now I Google to gather the immediate information I need and I keep the encyclopedias and Childcraft to retain the memories I need. I hope that when Cheyenne grows up and has children she will buy encyclopedias and Childcraft as well. I imagine I will go to her house in the future with my type C+ glamma’ personality and enjoy them with my grandchildren. I can’t wait.

Day sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. GFBison

    My favorite Childcraft volume was the one entitled “Make and Do.” For several years my sisters and I destroyed every cardboard box that entered into our house trying to make something out of that book!

  2. Ms. C

    GFBison~ you and me both, I loved that one! I can’t tell you how many pencil holders I made over the years! 🙂

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