Lazier R Us…

If you ever comment on the blogs on Area Voices you will note that you have to duplicate the series of letters and symbols in the little confirmation box before the system will allow you to post. These are random words or parts of words typically, but sometimes I think the computer that comes up with these combos has a sense of humor or conversely a sense of wicked sarcasm.

Case in point, a recent entry that came up when I was commenting on a fellow bloggers’ page – “Lazier R Us”. It struck me as interesting. And, as is typical of me, it caused me to reflect upon where that phrase could be used in the real world. There is a Toys R Us chain, so I mused that perhaps Lazier R Us could be some kind of retail store chain. Now note that the title is not merely Lazy, but Lazier. That extra emphasis must play into the store’s theme. I was thinking that the store would have to be replete with items that allowed folks to capitalize on laziness.

Interesting isn’t it? Just think about what that merchandise line would look like…I can see it all now.

Big lounge chairs that allow you to accomplish everything from a massage, to getting a beer, to changing the baby’s diaper – all without ever leaving the comfort of your chair. That’s lazier for you.

An intravenous coffee drip that you can just plug into an existing port for those who cannot be bothered with pouring that cup of coffee and lifting it to their lips. That’s lazier for you.

A car that drives itself to the address you tell it so that you can relax instead of having to concentrate on the monotonous act of driving. That’s lazier for you.

A space-age kitchen (akin to something on The Jetsons) where you merely tell the system what you want to eat and it is made for you per your specifications. That’s lazier for you.

A phone system that automatically calls and delivers greetings to friends and family on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries in your own voice. That’s lazier for you.

A robot that pets your cat or dog, offers treats at appropriate times and cleans up after them as well. That’s lazier for you.

A computer that can capture your thoughts and type them out in a blog without you ever lifting a finger. That’s lazier for you.

You know, this concept may be a winner. The only slight concern I have is getting the customers into a storefront to buy the items. Perhaps Lazier R Us needs to have a television channel and an online presence as well to add to the ease of shopping. Of course, delivery and full installation will need to be part of every item’s price. Yes, this idea is starting to really shape up.

It takes a lot of energy to follow up intellectual action with actual action. If only there was a product that could take all the great ideas you come up with and actualize them…then there really could be a Lazier R Us. Alas, today I am too lazy to follow through with pandering to the lazier. Maybe tomorrow.

Day eighty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Ms. C

    PW~ you and me on the coffee drip.

    Abra~thanks for stopping by – this is like a reunion of the 7/5 club. 😉

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