A Mega-list Day…

I am most productive the day before I go on a trip. I will start with a list that has enough items on it to keep me busy for a week and miraculously 90% of it will be completed before I go to bed. Of course bed time will not be at a normal time. Oh, no…I will stay up late, sleep for a few hours and then get up at the crack of dawn for one of those lovely 6 AM flights (what possesses me to keep booking flights at that ungodly hour is beyond me – note to self: seek therapy regarding the continuous need to book early flights and also ask the doc about talking to yourself – it seems a bit abnormal).

As to the impetus to complete a myriad of tasks and leave all things in order before departing for other places, there is no doubt some deeply ingrained psychosis that prompts this. But psychosis or not, I’ll take it. It eases my mind (albeit, after the fact) to know that I did not leave things lingering. Although, I must confess that sometimes I rationalize things off the mega-list.

If it is a business trip (which most of my travel is) I will sometimes move things off my list to others’ lists. The rationale is that they will have so much time on their hands in my absence that they will be able to fit in one or two additional things. This has been effective over the years, but I don’t think it has been that they have been longing to fill dead space. In reality, I believe my family unit merely fluffs up the couch cushions, pops a few bags of microwave popcorn and settles in for a TV marathon until an hour prior to my return. That last hour they are likely running around like crazy people trying to create the impression that they started slaving away on the list items five minutes after my plane took off. Clearly, they think this is my first rodeo…I am fully aware of what really goes on in my absence. Who do they think buys the case of microwave popcorn?

Sometimes, I am able to rationalize moving an item on the list to a list that I will hope to complete upon my return. This typically occurs with items that require a four hour (or more) block of time and whose completion on the mega-list day were pipe dreams at best. I am not sure why, but I almost always have a burning desire to clean my downstairs closet before a trip. It would be at least a four hour engagement if not more. This item has been moving from list to list for three years.

There is so much stuff buried in that closet that I am not even sure what is in there anymore. I do believe my velour mini-dress with marabou feathers at the wrists is in there as well as some other valuable memories of life back-in-the-day, but I dare not venture in as it could result in a whole day of strolling down memory lane one box full of items at a time (and remember, those in the new forty have accumulated many a memory as well as much photographic evidence – some things may be better left buried I surmise). Indeed, when things cannot be found around the house and I realize that they are likely in the downstairs closet I convince myself that I didn’t need the thing I was looking for as much as I thought.

Often, I will take items with me to work on in the airport or on the plane. That is fairly productive – at least in the airport. Once I get on the plane I am quick to fall asleep seeing as I was up so late the night before trying to complete my mega-list. I already have a stack of stuff relegated to airport review and it is still early in the day. If ever you see me lugging a bag full of stuff through an airport you can assume it has to do with the mega-list. There is no rest for the wicked or the weary or the wickedly weary or wearily wicked – whatever…no rest.

So tomorrow I am off at the crack of dawn to do some FEMA work out in Maryland, but today I will work my fanny off trying to do all the things on my mega-list. Thankfully the velour mini dress with marabou feathers at the wrists won’t be needed on this trip…whew, that’s a relief, that’s one thing off the list. I’ll put cleaning the downstairs closet on the list for when I return home.

Alas, for now it is back to the mega-list. To those of you who have a list free day, I have extra popcorn at my house.

Day ninety-one of the new forty – obla di obla da


3 Responses

  1. abra la mente

    Dear girl, how do you make even drudgery (dreaded, overloaded lists) seem humorous? Please pass the popcorn!

  2. roxane s.

    Isn’t it strange how sometimes the list is a mile long, then a different week, it has dwindled down to little? I love those weeks! Hoping you can get to one of those soon. 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy your glimpse of the outside world.

  3. Ms. C

    Abra~ Ah, it is the humor that is my life…I already have the popcorn out for the home team – saved you a couple of packs! 🙂

    PGM~ Thanks – I hope my list will grow short soon as well, but I suspect it will take a couple more months. I will enjoy my outing though and I should get into plenty of mischief even if it is only four days there and back. 😉

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