Arts And Crafts For Dummies…

Some folks are gifted with the ability to create miraculous things out of snippets of felt, a few skeins of yarn, or patches of old fabric. I am not amongst those folks. If some level of craftiness is required from me then you better bring along the Arts and Crafts for Dummies book.

Not that I don’t want to have skills or that I have not on occasion deluded myself into believing that I have some capability in this area – this is merely the reality of what is. I do not have crafty bones in this body – not even one. I also do not on the whole have the patience to do crafty things.

Interestingly, even though I lack both skill and patience I still have an urge to do creative arts and crafty types of things. That “urge” has resulted in a number of well-intentioned, but clearly poorly informed projects through the years. I will leave the detailing of my arts and crafts walk of shame for another day. Today, I want to share with others who may be like me the discovery that I made about ten years ago…the equivalent to Arts and Crafts for Dummies – PowerPoint!

I am sure you have been exposed to PowerPoint.  We’ve all heard the phrase, "Death by PowerPoint."  There are those who use Powerpoint merely as an alternative to an overhead projector of chalkboard and have given the impression to non-PowerPoint users that it is a mechanism used for torture;  but,  I am here to tell you that there is so much more to PowerPoint than boring blue slides overloaded with white text.

I thoroughly enjoy working with PowerPoint (yep, the geek meter is hitting the scale at an 8.5 on this one). The opportunity to create innovative new slides is endless – color, photos, sound, movement, timing, effect – it is all there. It is truly arts and crafts for grownups (more specifically arts and crafts for otherwise arts and crafts impaired grownups).

Folks use PowerPoint for all types of things from work to school assignments to weddings. I mostly use it to create conference presentations, which does limit some of the fun stuff I might otherwise do. There are so many PowerPoint etiquette rules anymore related to slide color, font color, words on a slide, the amount of movement, etc. – I surmise there must have been some folks that were having way too much fun (or conversely not quite enough fun).

I try to not go over the top, but I do love to fiddle with all the options to continually up my creative PowerPoint ability. My favorite things now are transparency adjustments and timing entries and exits. Sure, it may seem remedial to some of you, but remember I am skill-less where arts and crafts are concerned so for me this is somewhat of a pinnacle.

Today I am trying to wrap up a presentation I am giving at a conference next week and I am enjoying the fact that I have obviously amassed some mad skills in this medium over the years. I have color-themed my presentation to the season and have included a lot of visual imagery to keep folks attention (this is a lunch presentation – I have to compete with food – not an easy feat my friends). Now, whether the folks at the conference will marvel at and admire my PowerPoint arts and crafts brilliance as I do as I sit here today remains to be seen.

I surmise all that really matters from an arts and crafts standpoint is that I am gratified by the creation. Who knows, maybe my success with PowerPoint is an indication of something bigger…perhaps my general arts and crafts skills are improving …perhaps I should revisit decoupage. Wherever did I put that giant bottle of Modge Podge anyway? 

Day one hundred and twelve of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    Put the Modge Podge down and back away slowly. We, the rest of the uncrafty people, have completed a sweep of your home removing all the sharp pointy objects so you will not cause harm to yourself or others. We strongly recommend you stick with the electronic arts and crafts for the safety of those living in your home.

    You are now on notice that you are under survellience for the next 24 months. Do NOT let us find you with a sewing needle, thread, scraps of fabric or other crafty tools. If you feel the need to create something PowerPoint is always there for you and for more nostalgic moments we will allow for electronic scrapbooking.

    The Society of Uncrafty Individuals

  2. Kay Syvrud

    Your blog took me back to the days in HOmemaker’s club when I had at least ten unfinished craft projects stuffed into a closet in our then-home. I ended up throwing all of them out when we moved. I had enough of making a picuture out of macaroni pieces and enough of trying to make a macrame plant holder…this was in the 70’s craze. UGH!!! I only liked the cooking lessons in Homemakers…I wonder why????

  3. Ms. C


    Thank you for the commiseration and I sincerely appreciate the intervention from The Society of Uncrafty Individuals…I put the Modge Podge down, but I could swear I heard it whispering “decoupage” as I backed away.



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