I’m With Stupid…

Hmmmm…I ran across these in an online catalog and I felt compelled to share them.  Do men really buy and wear these?  Or perhaps that was the wrong question.  Perhaps a better question is who buys these and for whom?  

Now, I will admit that I did entertain ever so briefly buying the "I’m with stupid" version for a couple of my exes (is exes the plural of ex…gals like me with more than one ex need to know this bit of info); alas, I concluded that the humor would be lost on them.  I could buy the top ones – "The Man, The Legend" for Mr. Carol, but he would likely want to wear those on the outside of his clothes like a badge of honor.  I cannot really think of someone that I could give them to where it would end well. 

I did get a laugh out of them.  If I were to see them suddenly in a romantic situation it would be difficult, if not impossible, to continue without giggling (which has got to be somewhat ego deflating for fellas).  Is this really what men look for in designer underwear?  Comparatively, these make those red plaid flannel boxers with the rip in them look good.

I wish they had pretested these boxers with a focus group before mass-producing them.  I could have told them straight away that there was a problem with these boxers.  Indeed, I did not even notice for a few minutes that both of the men wearing the boxers were bare-chested – that is how transfixed I was on those ridiculous boxers – I must have been in shock.  Not a good sign.

I am going to actually monitor these boxers at the website to see how far the price has to go down before they sell out their stock of them.  Already they have been reduced from the original price of $5.95 to $4.95.  The tag line reads, "Keep him laughing all day (and night!)"  Hmmmm…I think it is great in theory, but again, I think the problem will lie in his partner laughing.  Giggles and even worse, guffaws, can be a mood killer.

Perhaps there is someone out there who these boxers will be perfect for.  If you know of someone who is looking to laugh all day and all night long based on his boxers go to Lakeside.com and buy a pair or two.  I sure would like to hear from those who buy them and those who intend to wear them.  And if you ever have the opportunity to experience them in person as a casual or not so casual observer in your day-to-day life – please do share the story…I really need to know if you laughed until you snorted…because I would. 😉

Day one hundred and thirteen of the new forty – obla di obla da