I have not mentioned in my blog that for many moons now I have been trudging along trying to complete my dissertation. The trudging has not been a result of any one else impeding me, but instead has been a result of so many other opportunities being placed before the work-laden dissertation process. I have done a dozen other tremendously exciting projects in the interim that I felt could not wait (but the dissertation always could wait and did wait). Indeed, even when I was not on an alternate mission there were days when darn near everything and anything (up to, and including, a full nine month pregnancy and excruciatingly long childbirth of fourteen pound twins with no drugs – and I do mean fourteen pounds each and not even aspirin) seemed more appealing than sitting down and completing the task at hand.

Alas, I finally grew weary of hearing the same old question, "How’s the dissertation coming?" And supplying my same old tired response, which I could utter in my sleep, "It’s coming." Day after day, week after week, month after month and indeed year after year it hung there over my head like a dark cloud; but today the cloud disappeared. Today I defended my dissertation at a defense scheduled at the tender hour of 8 AM and hallelujah, praise the Lord, the committee signed off on the darn thing (can I get an AMEN??!!).

Thank you George Youngs, thank you committee members, thank you Wayne Blanchard, thank you colleagues, thank you friends and family – thank you all for your enduring and gracious support – I am not worthy, but I so sincerely appreciate it.

Whatever will I do with my time now? Well, one thing is for sure…birthing those fourteen pound twins with no drugs will not be happening…suddenly its appeal as a classic avoidance behavior activity has completely evaporated…go figure.  I’ll try and find some other way to spend my time…I am sure there must be some mischief I can get into in the new forty – after all it is only day one hundred and sixteen.

Thanks again to everyone for the support – my gratitude is enduring.  Thanks J9 for the roses, they gave me a smile and an extra boost when I needed it most…I’ve always said, "Everyone needs a Jeanine." 😉  

And thanks JJ for the support from A to Z and all the festive decor…you have been the root of my sanity many a day! 🙂

Onward and upward…

Day one hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    Amen! Congratulations and a hearty pat on the back for a job well done!

    I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  2. Kat

    OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you at least one of us finished! You deserve all the kudos you can get, this was no small task. Take pride and joy in this achievement.

  3. Ms. C

    Thank you all for your kind words – this accomplishment has been the same as so many things in my life – a result of all the friends and family members who lift me up. Ultimately the title means nothing and the support means everything.


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