Wafting Aromas…

As I was waking up this morning I realized that my house smelled like bacon. Mr. Carol told me I should turn the range fan on yesterday when I was cooking the bacon for the BLT sandwiches we had for dinner, but I was having no part of it. I like the smell of bacon and I theorized there are worse smells that could linger, particularly as a result of my cooking efforts. So this morning I woke up and yes indeed it smells like I am living in a restaurant where bacon is the specialty. No worries though, successful cooking effort smells can linger.

I have burned many a thing in my day and set off many a smoke detector. I used to joke that my attempts at cooking were merely regular checks to ensure the smoke detectors were working, but folks started to point out that they did not need to be tested quite that often. I have never started a full-blown fire in the kitchen, but I have created some smells with my culinary missteps that have cleared the house.

I used to believe that I was safe if I was using the microwave, but that belief dissipated when I managed to overcook (which is a euphemism for BURN) a bag of popcorn. That is one fierce smell and it lingers – for days. Since then I literally stare at the microwave and listen intently the whole time to ensure that it does not happen again.  Burning microwave popcorn is fairly high on the inept cook scale…there has to be limit.

Folks who enjoy baking have the opportunity to fill their homes with the lovely smells of cookies, cakes and pies. My mom was a baker and I remember those smells. I have tried from time to time to replicate those smells, typically my efforts fall flat and the best I can hope for is something that is passably edible and a baking pan that has some prayer of future use.

Thank goodness someone came up with an option for the non-baking population that is designed to produce the lovely aroma without any of the baking angst – scented oils. Cheyenne gave me a oil warmer for my birthday in July (not sure if it was a mitigatory act on her part) and ever since then I can have my kitchen smell like sugar cookies, apple cobbler or pumpkin bread any time I feel like it. In the early days of the oil warmer folks were confused when they came into the house and it smelled of baked goods, but they soon came to realize that they were not in an alternate universe where I was baking successfully, but instead that it was the beloved oil warmer.

So today my house smells like bacon and in the past it has smelled like burnt popcorn, but thanks to some fabulous and thoughtful inventor out there who coupled a candle with essential oils later my house will smell like sugar cookies.

And so you know, if you buy sugar cookies at the store, take them out of the carton and display them on a plate you might actually be able to convince folks that you baked (not that I would ever perpetrate such a fraud). 🙂

Day one hundred and thirty of the new forty – obla di obla da