Friday The 13th…Tuscany Style

Well, it appears I made it through another Friday the 13th without incident.

There was a time when I viewed Friday the 13ths as bad luck and I had a series of mishaps that had occurred over the years that I would point to as evidence of said bad 13th luck. That was before I went to Tuscany in 2004. Tuscany changed the way I thought about the number 13…well, sorta’. Actually Katherine Wallach coupled with Tuscany changed the way I thought about the number 13 and since then I view it as one of my special numbers that mean good things to me – right up there with 5 and 7 (which were mystically arrived at based on my birth month and date – oh yes…I am deep).

Katherine is an American actress and daughter of well-known actor Eli Wallach. Katherine lives a delightful “Under the Tuscan Sun”-like existence in Tuscany. She designs eclectic, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is breathtaking. Katherine designed a necklace that she showed me when I was in Tuscany that featured numerous items that were charm like with 13s on them. I loved the piece and desperately wanted it, but it was too expensive for my taste at the time.

The piece symbolized to me a message that I had just come to embrace upon my trip to Italy – that my luck was my own to make. I can still clearly visualize the piece in my mind’s eye and it remains a reminder for me of the power I have over my own life. So no more worries about Friday the 13ths or any other superstitions that suggest that the only control I have over my world lies in obeying the fear that goes along with superstitions.

Embrace the message of 13 and make your own luck and if you are having trouble embracing 13 go to Tuscany and visit with Katherine – it definitely has a freeing effect. And if she still has that necklace for sale, tell her to call me.

Day one hundred and thirty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da