The Scrabble Tournament Continues…

Some of you will recall that my last Scramble tournament with my son, Noah. ended in a tie. Well, Noah is here for a visit and the tournament continues. Game one on night one goes to me.

So far the play has been somewhat hospitable – the trash talk is still at a minimum. Of course, Noah hasn’t won yet. That is when the going gets rough. I must say I had to refresh my memory on Noah’s tactics. His sole focus is scoring; while I play for the love of words and the challenge of using all my tiles. I hate to say it folks, but in Scrabble good does not necessarily triumph over evil. If you play with a cutthroat player you have to adjust your game to compete.

Noah is by far my most competitive child. He is the person you do not want to play Monopoly with. He is merciless in charging you at every turn and he gives no breaks. The only way to play a game against Noah is to play as if it is a war game. That is how he plays – ruthless and constantly strategizing.  It is maddening to the person who just plays for fun (and yes, that would be me and pretty much the rest of the family).

Honestly, it takes all my brainpower to play Scrabble with Noah, but there are some challenges you cannot back down from. This is one such challenge. I must prevail in the Scrabble tournament or hear about it forever (or for at least a year or two which will seem undoubtedly seem like forever).

So light a candle, say a prayer, send good vibes – whatever you’ve got that can push some positive energy my way would be sincerely appreciated. This is not the week that I can afford to go down in flames – especially with the way my hair is looking. 😉

Day one hundred and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Abra La Mente

    Noah’s style reminds me of one of my brothers–you just wanna say–drop your tiles and back away from the table…slowly….slowly…

    Competition isn’t all bad, of course, and the time spent in play is just cement for your relationship. Enjoy the continuing battle.

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