Sometimes You Just Have To Take The Leap…

Noah and I spent the morning with Sara Lepp, Melissa Walter, Marc Khatchadourian and all our other West Fargo Teen Cert family. Today was West Fargo High School’s 2nd Teen CERT exercise and graduation. I must say, the WFHS Teen CERT kids did a great job!

It was fabulous to watch the kids build their wings. I have a sign hanging over my desk that has been pretty much the road map for my life, “Sometimes you have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” How else does one really fully understand their ability to fly?

So the Teen CERT kids took a leap of faith today and they learned that they could fly on their own – indeed they soared. It is always a treat to spend time with the Teen CERT kids and to see the moment when they understand that they really do have the power to help in an emergency situation.

I am a huge proponent of empowering youth. In the area of promoting a higher level of individual and household emergency preparedness there is little debate that empowering youth is critical. Hence, I am a big fan of the Teen CERT program.

It was a lovely morning. Of course it ended with Sara Lepp and Noah getting locked out of the high school building when they went outside to throw all the pizza boxes in the dumpster. That was a comedy routine in-and-of-itself. But Noah, like his mother, found great glee in the Sara antics. It must run in the family genes that we just gravitate toward frenetic energy like Sara’s. Her energy is irrepressible and totally addictive.

All around it was a banner day – Teen CERT, pizza, visiting with colleagues and having laughs with Sara, Melissa and Marc. And an added bonus, Noah is out tonight catching up with an old friend so I got a Scrabble tournament reprieve. That is a good thing as the less games we play the less I have to worry about losing. But then again, sometimes you just have to take the leap…

Day one hundred and sixty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. abra la mente

    thank you for being one of those special people that always seems to find the good in our youth–it is so often overlooked!

  2. PrairieWoman

    I got some more glue today for my wings. Thanks Carol. 🙂

    I totally believe in youth empowerment. The more they know and can do the more confident adults they’ll be.

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