A Forgetful Girl’s Best Friend…

I love the search function on my computer. The little dog sits down at the bottom of the page and reads and does tricks and generally entertains me while I pray that my computer system ferrets out the darn file I cannot seem to find anywhere.

With over six years of written materials on my computer’s hard drive and far too many files for one person to store things in, it is often akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. I have produced on average a document or more a day for every one of those years and although I can usually remember what I created, where I put it is a different story (this likewise is an affliction with physical items at home, but let’s not go there today). Thank goodness I have the dog to entertain me while my computer searches through hundreds of documents. Watching the little dog wait with me while my system searches gets me to thinking about the magical minds that thought to create him.

Did the folks who created the search system realize that they were doing it for someone like me? Someone who would create too many files and keep everything she wrote for years…someone who would see the logic of storing a document in some obscure file in 2006, but forget that logic in 2009…someone who simply couldn’t even remember where she put her car keys let alone a document created in 2004…was it created for someone like this? If they knew this about me then they also must have known that I would be endlessly impatient while the system was looking for that which I had “misplaced”. Enter that cute little dog.

What mind or conglomeration of minds came up with putting that entertaining little fellow at the bottom of my search screen?  Years ago – okay, decades ago – before personal computers were the norm (yes, Virginia – there was a time when there were no PCs), I took a whole series of computer programming courses. This was back in the day when mainframes ruled the universe and COBOL was the language of business mainframes (yep, perhaps when I die you can preserve my skeleton and display me with the other dinosaurs at the museum). At any rate, I have a sense from back then of the time that is involved in getting a computer to do things…I have looked behind the wizard’s curtain. That is why I think the addition of the dog is the type of attention to detail that deserves recognition.

I know through years of using the search function that the little fella’ is on a perpetual action loop, but I don’t care. I just marvel at how fabulous it is that someone thought ahead to the fact that I would need some entertainment while I was waiting. And as simple as this animation may be in the bigger world of programming accomplishments, it matters not to me. Beyond the fact that simple things entertain simple minds (I am happy to own that and move on), I appreciate the attention the programmers paid up-front to hapless, forgetful users.

I don’t know if any of you have met your computer dog (perhaps you have a cat?), but I can attest he is a cutie as I spend plenty of time with him. I am typically more a cat person than a dog person, but in this case a dog truly is a forgetful girl’s best friend.

Day one hundred and sixty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    The dog and I have spent so much time together in recent years that I have named him, Spot. Not because he is spotty but because he spots my files for me and brings them back. Ah what a great game of fetch it has been.

  2. Abra La Mente

    I don’t have a dog–just a magnifying symbol in the corner that sits there and does nothing. I used to have an hourglass that spun. A dog would be so much more fun than either of those. I think one of my work computers used to have a dog.

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