Noah, Cheyenne, Sarah & Cory

Well, Noah goes back to Canada on the first flight out tomorrow morning.  He wants me to get up and cook him biscuits and gravy in the very early AM when I will likely still be half asleep.  As if I don’t have enough difficulty cooking when I am fully awake (I’ll have to call and put the West Fargo Fire Department on standby).

So here is the recap for the week of Noah’s visit:

All the kids got to spend a lot of time together.  That was nice to see as it has been too long since that has happened.   

The Scrabble tournament is back to being tied.  I guess the trash talk will continue until Noah and I get together again. 

I cooked two big meals for the whole family this week and will now be up at the crack of dawn cooking biscuits and gravy – I think I am done cooking for the year.

We laughed a lot and I think we all remembered how much fun we can be as a family.  It will be hard to send Noah back to Canada after a week with him.

It was great to have all the kids at graduation.  It reminded me of why I do the things I do and that my biggest contribution to this world was sitting in the stands.

All four in a row – 28, 21, 27, 10 watching their mom get her Ph.D.

All in all, a tiring but fabulous week.  Now it is time for bed.  I have to get up extra early so that I can shower and put makeup on before I cook.  I wouldn’t want to scare the firefighters when they arrive.

Day one hundred and sixty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da



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  1. abra la mente

    What a nice looking family. Glad you got to spend some quality time together. Too funny that you are going to get ‘dolled up’ for the firefighters, just in case! 😉

  2. Ms. C

    Abra~ thanks – I am thinking of keeping them (the kids that is). The good news is, no firefighters were required in the cooking of the biscuits and gravy – imagine that! 🙂

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