Was It You??

Okay, one or more of you were wishing for a White Christmas…who was it?  Don’t you know that when you put that energy out into the universe it creates a momentum all its own that can actually cause things to happen?  Yes, it can (or so says Oprah and the folks who subscribe to the teachings of The Secret).  What kind of things?  Well…things like 10-15 inches of snow.

Now, I know you didn’t wish for 10-15 inches of snow unless you are five years old and were hoping for a new sled for Christmas, but you probably wished for one inch like a hundred other folks and the universe’s collective response to you – its Christmas gift if you will – is not a blanket of snow but instead a hedge of snow.

Well, kudos to you and your wish power.  If only my wishes were that powerful…I’d have that pony for Christmas I wished for that never came.  Alas, I guess Mother Nature is a bit more willing to grant wishes than my parents were.

I will not be out and about over the holidays and my husband is the shoveler in the family so my dismay will be limited to sympathy and empathy for others and my delight will be for all of those who will be out and about with their sleds, skis and snowmobiles enjoying the first substantial snow of December 2009.  Whether you are dismayed or delighted, please do take care and stay safe as they say it is going to get a bit scary out there.

Also, for you white Christmas wishers, if you could focus some of that wish energy on the pony I have been wanting for Christmas since I was eight I would really appreciate it…every Christmas morning I still wake up and think, “Maybe this year.” 😉

Day one hunded and seventy-one of the new forty – obla di obla da


3 Responses

  1. PrairieWoman

    I want names…I want all the names of the snow wishers. They ruined my Christmas plans and now they must pay for their misdeeds and be sent to the Sahara for Christmas posthaste. 🙂

  2. jimlindlauf

    Try to have a blessed Christmas despite the snow, Madamgovnr! I’m going to send my son out fairly soon to shovel some of this unwanted white stuff: You may be able to hear his cries of protest all the way to West Fargo!

  3. roxane s.

    The white stuff kept us from my extended family this year (my side of the family) and I’ve been sad, but trying to make the most of it, now that it’s clear to me that aint nothing going to change things at this point. 🙂

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