Horrified. Grateful. Saddened.

Photo of Minard Hall partial collapse taken by Kate Ulmer on December 27, 2009

Three words: horrified, grateful, saddened.

Horrified that Minard Hall had a partial collapse on the side of the building where excavation has been going on for the addition.

Grateful that it happened when it did instead of at a time when the building would have been populated with students, staff and faculty.

Saddened to see the beautiful old building this way.

My department is located in this building as is my office.  We are not on the side of the building that has collapsed.  The Dean’s office suite from our college is located in that area that is now open in the photo.  It is a sad day to see this majestic old building damaged.  This building is typically a hub of activity.  You can see more photos of the damage on NDSU’s webpage at http://www.ndsu.edu/news/.

I imagine the next couple of weeks will be quite a scramble for many of our NDSU family who will be tasked with not only addressing the immediate safety and property recovery issues, but also with trying to address the temporary loss of use of some parts of the building.  It will likely be quite wearing on them and not quite the way they had envisioned winding down 2009 and heading into 2010.  

It must be said though that God works in mysterious ways.  This happening at the time when it did was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.  That’s a gift I think we all should be grateful for. 

Day one hundred and seventy-five of the new forty – obla di obla da




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  1. PrairieWoman

    I was shocked when I saw the photo. But, like you the first thought that went through my mind was at least no one was in the building or injured. My best wishes on a speedy recovery for Minard Hall. I hope that you have heat in your office while the fixing is going on.

  2. Far Side of Fifty

    I took some Econ classes in the basement lecture hall..a cold place in the winter. It was a grand old building:)

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