Igenuity Minus Logic Equals…

I appreciate igenuity.  As such, I got quite a kick out of the fellow who created the innovative beer can alarm (you can read his story at http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/264234/publisher_ID/1/). I found it to be a great re-purposing of empty beer cans and an excellent example of working with the resources you have to create a viable solution.

I just struggle with one thing…why didn’t the man just lock his door?  Does igenuity without logic still qualify as igenuity?  If the man was intent on keeping folks out, it would make sense to lock the door.  Instead, he created an alarm to wake him when someone came in.  Hmmm…it does not really denote a cautionary stance as much as a confrontational stance.  Very odd indeed. 

At my house, we have a ribbon full of bells hanging on the inside of our front door knob.  When you add the motion activated singing Christmas moose to the mix that is hanging by the front door no one is coming or going in secret (or without a rousing rendetion of We Wish You a Merry Christmas).  But wait, there’s more… I have Cooper who has a sixth sense and can tell when someone is within a 100 feet of the house and will bark as if he is a crazed killer dog until the threat is abated or someone yells, "COOPER ! CUT IT OUT!"  But wait, there’s more…my door makes an audible sound when it opens based on the way it is aligned in the frame.  But wait, there’s more…I actually lock my door. 

Ah, but the one thing I don’t have…a beer can alarm…not quite that ingenious. 

Day one hundred and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da



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  1. abra la mente

    THANKS for the chuckle….I NEEDED that!!! My mother had a similar set-up (there were no beer cans involved), though it wasn’t to keep burglars out–it was her way of keeping track of how many of her children were still out at night–she could mentally check us off the list each time she heard the chair in front of the door slide across the floor. That poor woman didn’t get much sleep for many years–with 13 children, and a 24 year age spread, she always had a handful of teens/young adults out late.

  2. Ms. C

    Abra ~ clearly your mom didn’t get any sleep ever – first she got to conceive 13 kids and then she had all those years of raising them. GOD BLESS YOUR MOTHER – what a woman! 🙂

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