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My first blog entry was written on day two of the new forty.  I blogged daily all the remaining days of 2009 in the new forty for a total of 178 blogs.  My blog views for that period came in at 76,010. 

This blog fulfilled a promise to myself (a resolution if you will) to write for pleasure every day.  I had been resolving for years to do just that but never delivered on my promise to self.  It is easy to push aside the promises we make to ourselves to attend to the promises we make to others.  I vaguely recall seeing something about this in the Parenting 101 handbook as one of the top ten parenting realities:

5.  Be prepared to see some of your hopes and dreams move to the background for awhile as your children will become the moving force behind most of the things you do and your wants and needs may become secondary.

Yep…it’s in there.  But then came the big 5-0 and I realized that some things can only be put off for so long and I recommitted to something that was solely for me – writing for pleasure.  But I took my resolution to keep this promise to myself one step farther – I committed to public writing and doing so daily.  It was this extra step that made it stick I believe.  It is akin to exercising with a buddy, there is a level of pressure built-in to the fact that your lack of follow-through will be noted (one simply must keep up apperances).

So I blog every day.  I used to blog first thing in the morning every day, but since school has been back in session my blog entries have posted at various times of the day to accomodate the fluidity in this crazy life we lead here.  The main thing is though I have blogged every day regardless of other things going on – I refuse to let go of the promise I made to myself.  And I’ll tell you a secret, no one is more surprised by my ability to keep my promise to myself than me.

I must say, one the whole, my resolution history has been pretty bleak.  My resolve for my resolutions usually wanes quickly.  I surmise that has something to do with my thirty second attention span (albeit, I may be exaggerating a tish regarding the length – it may be shorter).  But this time I delivered and I am quite proud of myself.  My new sense of accomplishment with resolutions (track record 1-132) makes me want to try out a new resolution seeing it is the very first day of a brand new year.

I am not sure exactly what direction I should go in with a resolution.  My annual rolodex of resolutions usually hits the standard fare of dieting, exercise, more time relaxing, catching up with old friends, etc.  I have not seen much success in these areas despite what I believe are good intentions going in.  I arrive at the end of each year feeling like a failure and thinking next year will be better.  This has gone on for years and frankly it is getting tiresome.  It makes me think I should take back up smoking so that I can resolve to quit again – at least I would have some success (it has been 23 years since the last time I quit though – I wonder if I still have the same resolve potency as I did when I was young – is it like bone density or energy…does it diminish with age?).

Resolutions…such a great idea in theory.  A promise to improve oneself or one’s life in some way as an homage to the promise a new year holds.  Hmmm…that may be it…my resolution will be to improve myself or my life in some way in 2010…I like it – promising, yet flexible.  So far the new forty has been fab (although I do wish the AARP would stop sending me membership cards every four to six weeks – seriously, give it a rest).  Finding a way to make the new forty just a bit better, well I guess you’d call that priceless (or conversely, a New Year’s resolution).

Have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010 all!

Day one hundred and eighty of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. abra la mente

    I am so glad that you write every day!! I have enoyed the humor, the times of reflection, and the fact that you always keep it real! When I enter the sphere of the new forty, exactly one year after you, I will be armed with 365 days of preparation!

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