Size Matters…

Size matters.

This statement, while not universally true, is true enough of the time that I feel it is fair to assert. There are many examples to support my assertion, but I’ll just offer a few as size matters where blog length is concerned as well.

To tall woman like my friends Tam and Sara Lepp size matters. Tall women like tall men generally. If you are a woman that is 5’7” or taller who likes heels then part of your dating criteria is likely to include some height bar and that is okay, because size matters. I am not troubled by this issue being the quintessential short girl. I only get to 5’6” with high heels on. But even then, my size matters to the men who have been checked off the tall women’s lists. It is true – size matters.

In regard to diamonds, bigger is better. There is an unspoken competition that goes on between women in regard to bling, particularly diamond rings. Gentlemen if you are thinking that you can cheap out in this area you do so under the stern cautionary advisement that in this arena size really matters. There may be polite assurances that a smaller diamond is okay, but it just isn’t – size matters.

In eyelashes, size matters. There is so much time, energy and marketing that goes into plumping and lengthening lashes – lusher, thicker, longer – oh yeah, ask Maybelline – size matters. Now they have fake eyelashes that look like two feathers from your ostrich feather duster got stuck to your eyes. It is ridiculous, but women wear the things because size matters.

To fast food eaters size matters. Indeed, it matters so much that super-sized meals are an option. And then there is the size you become after too much super-sizing and that matters as well.

The real area though where size matters that I am acutely focused on today is that of cars. Size matters in cars – big time. Sports cars are small, cool, sexy, and sporty. There is no selling a minivan or a Tahoe in that category. So size matters in sports cars. Size also matters as it relates to safety and security. It is hard to intimidate someone in a Hummer when they can drive right over the top of your vehicle.

I have the cute sports car. It is pretty much the size of a Matchbox car (give or take a foot or two). It is a low profile vehicle which is great in those seasons we sometimes have in North Dakota called fall, spring and summer. In the winter it doesn’t take much snow to take out my car. Sadly even if I can make it around the roads I can’t see cross traffic at corners because the snow walls are higher than my eye-level in my ground-level car. I guess I could open the sunroof and stick my head out, but it kinda’ takes away from the whole cool sports car look. So, I have been thinking about size lately – a lot. In the present conditions I find myself looking longingly at the really big SUVS and Hummers, because when it comes to driving in snow I am convinced – size matters.

Really, think about it…size so often matters. Whether something is better because it is small or big is a factor in valuation of so many things. Bigger isn’t always better and small is not always a bad thing…it depends on what you are discussing. But say it with me people – size matters. 😉

Day one hundred and eighty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    Size matters. The size of the baby. The size of the horse. The size of your shoe — too big you got floppy feet; too small you got flintstone feet. Yes, size matters in all aspects of life really. 🙂

  2. Tam

    Size does matter, but small things can be wonderful too…..only small things can be delicate, fragil, exquisite, etc…..where is the love for the little things? You have been described as a little firecracker while I get giant…seriously, I would rather be an explosive than a huge lumberig green thing….

  3. Ms. C

    PW~ Hee hee 😉

    GF Bison~ I know- right??!!

    Tam~ while I recall the little firecracker synopsis of my personality, I do not recall anyone ever thinking of you as the Jolly Green Giant – puleese!! Here is the reality, I am the funny one and you are the gorgeous one (and note, funny girls have to be funny if they are to have gorgeous friends lest they resign themselves to having no label at all). 🙂

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