Phil Knows Plastic…

Today I met Phil. Phil explained the relative thickness of my new glasses if I went with plastic lenses. Phil showed me the plastic that the lenses are made of and all I can say is the comparison to coke bottles was an understatement. That stuff was thick – easily more than a quarter of an inch. Visions of Mr. Magoo bumbling about immediately came to mind.  But Phil said he thought they would be okay; and, if I didn’t like them I could always move to a different lens just by paying the difference between the old lens and the new lens.

So I ordered the plastic lenses and will see for myself if they are workable lenses for me. I rationalized that since I typically only use my glasses as a rare back-up for my contact lenses they need not be anything special. My current pair are as basic and uninspired as they come – sort of librarian like. I went years only wearing them on rare occasion. It was only over the past year that I really started to wear them more frequently at work because my contact lenses started trying me crazy. Those darn lenses were causing me untold grief – I was either constantly rubbing my eyes or winking at folks…it was becoming unseemly. There are likely still folks on campus talking about what an uncontrollable flirt I am.

So I wore my old glasses a lot for the past year despite the fact that I am not a glasses fan or a responsible wearer. I was constantly searching for the darn things and because they only corrected for distance I was eternally lifting them up and down. It was maddening.

All of this occurred because I did not make the time to go in and get a new check-up and a new contact lens prescription. I conceived I was too busy to make the time to go in to the optometrist and hence I spent more time over the year in my glasses than contact lenses. Alas, those days are over. I saw the optometrist today and got back on track.

That is how I got to Phil. I was going to need another pair of back-up glasses with my new prescription just in case I was to suffer from contact lens issues again; and there was Phil.  And, let’s face it, Phil’s the man – the glasses man that is.

I had another nice young lady helping me, but I think I drove her mad with all my questions so she went in the back and extracted Phil. Phil made short work of my many questions and maintained an assured, upbeat and professional demeanor the whole time. He even showed me the thicker than coke bottle plastic with a straight face even though one would assume by looking at it that it was most certainly a joke.

I like that Phil. He made the boring glasses interaction quite pleasant and mildly entertaining and I like my interactions in the world to be like that. If I had my contact lenses in I most assuredly would have winked at him.

Day one hundred and ninety-four of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    Now if we could only get Phil to sell cell phones.

    I don’t have vision insurance so I’ve been putting things off for awhile now. But, I know that sooner, rather than later, I’ll be sitting behind a pair of coke bottle lenses myself. Definitely getting contacts. I’ve never worn glasses in my life.

  2. Far Side of Fifty

    Cute post..I bet you wanted to wink at him even without your contacts in! I have worn glasses my entire life..I had contacts once..I was a winking , blinking fool..lost one contact on Main in Moorhead during a traffic jam..and drove home with one eye closed:)

  3. Ms. C

    Ladies~ thanks for your comments. I received a message last night that my glasses are already done – imagine that! 😉

    I have had that experience before Far side – the one eye closed driving – it is special. And it is true, I did want to wink at Phil – he earned a good wink for that great customer service. 🙂

    I hear you PW. I do not purchase the vision insurance from work either. It is actually cheaper to just pay out-of-pocket. I will have both contacts and glasses…ultimately though the vanity of the contacts will cost me far more than my coke bottles. 🙂

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