I must confess, I am not a huge football fan…alright, I am not any size football fan. I only typically fancy football if I am in a football pool. Football is, on occasion, a means to an end (and the hopeful end is that I win money).

Over the years through my experiences with boyfriends and husbands I have however come to have a few opinions about some of the professional football teams. I have long been fond of the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders (I consider it a show of integrity that I stuck with them even after they left L.A.).  Most teams I have no opinion of one way or the other.

For years, my son Cory was a Green Bay Packer fan so I feel a certain fondness toward that team and living in North Dakota I feel a semi-obligation to at least actively monitor the Minnesota Vikings’ successes (they are, after all, the home team).

There are few teams I am not all that fond of, but only one team I truly cannot stand…the infamously titled, “America’s team” – the Dallas Cowboys. Now to be fair, my distaste for this team is mostly tied to the fact that someone else likes them – someone that I think very little of; but, I additionally find it annoying that they carry the label, “America’s team.” I find that quite presumptuous and arrogant. I have always felt that the Cowboys could use being taken down a notch or two, not only to adjust their egos, but also to adjust the volume of their rabid fans.

Well, today they went down a few notches courtesy of the home team. Indeed, the truth be told, the Cowboys were spanked by the Vikings…I imagine that was embarrassing, humbling and disappointing for both the team and their rabid fans.

Today football was a means to an end, even if I didn’t win any money. Today I got the satisfaction of knowing that the Cowboys not only lost – they lost big.  Hooray for the home team…keep this up Vikings and I may have to become a real fan.

Day one hundred and ninety-six of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. abra la mente

    Yea Vikings! It made for a little awkwardness around my daughter’s Cowboys fanatic boyfriend! I was kindly told to not even think about ‘rubbing it in.’ Pretty sure it would have been rubbed in if it had been the shoe on the other foot!

  2. PrairieWoman

    I didn’t watch the game. I used to be a Cowboys fan but only because my ex was. And he was because his brother was or is a Redskins fan. I think he switched to the Steelers but, whatever. They lived on the East coast so it’s not really relevant to the conversation. LOL! I follow the Packers because my sister lives in Wisconsin. How’s that for scattered football knowledge?

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