The Difference Between Purple Rain And Purple Reign…three Points.

Not that I can say I am a fan, but I must admit I did follow with interest the Vikings plight tonight. My son came over to watch the game on my T.V. and I did catch a few plays here and there. I was holding my breath for the Vikes there at the end of the 4th and going into overtime. It is too bad that they couldn’t pull it out. I can’t say I agreed with all the calls I saw, but seeing as I am just a casual, every-once-in-awhile observer of the sport I’ll leave all the ref animosity to someone else to spew.

It would have been nice for the Vikings to win. It could have been a good winter rally event for all the diehard fans in the area. I guess there is little solace in the fact that they did as well as they did. The game did go into overtime after all…they held their own…and the Saints only won by three measly points. Alas, there is no almost in championship games.

To all my pals that are Vikings fans – my condolences on the loss of the dream. The good news is there is always next year…yeah, I know that doesn’t help the sting one bit. Go ahead and spew some animosity toward the refs – that is sure to make you feel a bit better.

Day two hundred and three of the new forty – obla di obla da


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