Is That All You’ve Got??

I may be on day five of being sick, but I am not dead yet.  As such I can still find plenty of things that I find curious.

Case in point – the forecast for the rest of the week (see it below).  The big news is the remainder of the week will be "cold". More specifically it will be, "Cold and Brisk"; "Sunny. Very Cold"; "Sunny and Cold."; and "Sunny. Cold."

Wednesday:   Partly Cloudy. Cold and Brisk. High: 2° Wind: West to Northwest 10-20 mph. Wind Chill Values -20° to -30°

Thursday: Sunny. Very Cold. High: 0° Wind West to Northwest 5-15 mph. Wind Chill Values -15 to -25

Friday: Sunny and Cold. Low: -21° High: -3°

Saturday: Sunny. Cold. Low: -20° High: 0°


I don’t really get it. At 2° with some major wind chill the term selected was "Cold and Brisk"…okay I sort of get that. Two degrees less with similar wind chill warranted the addition of "very"…which seems like a more significant qualifer than two degrees warrants, but I guess all things are relative. Then the temperature drops to three below with no wind chill and we are back up to regular garden variety "cold". Same conditions with a three degree increase in the temperature and we are still at "cold" on Saturday.

Now, I am not a weather forecaster and I do not intend to disparage any of my weather pals out there, but I think that being in North Dakota requires terms that offer greater delineation. Cold and very cold just don’t cut it.  Those are terms for Californians that call 50 degree days "cold" and anything in the 40 degree range "very cold".  We call lesser days balmy.  I believe we can do better in our descriptive terminology.

Here are a few suggestions I came up with off the top of my head for describing cold conditions more concisely:

Mildly – cold
Time to wear full-length pants – cold
You can leave the beer chillin’ on the porch – cold
Jacket weather – cold
Three layer – cold
Warm up the car for ten minutes before you get in it – cold
Frozen nose hairs – cold
Thermal underwear and wool socks are sexy – cold
I’m not fat I have on four layers – cold
Chipped a tooth when your teeth were chattering – cold
Can’t feel my limbs – cold
What is this the flipping tundra? – cold
Moving to Arizona – cold

Come on weather folks – you can do better than just cold.  You probably have a couple of more months of this "cold" weather…I expect to see some more effort put into the descriptive aspects of cold.  If there is one thing we should be able to do in North Dakota, it is describe variances in levels of cold.  I’ll be watching for improvement…if not in the weather, then at least in the descriptives.

Day two hundred and five of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. jimlindlauf

    Not only are the weather forecasters inconsistent with their use of terms like “cold” and “very cold,” the rest of us are too. When it’s 30 degrees for a week and it drops to zero, we call it “bitter cold.” When it’s been 30 and 40 below for a week and it warms to zero, we call it “warm.” Go figure…

  2. PrairieWoman

    What do you mean day 5 of being sick? Just how sick are you and what do you have? I’m on day 3 now and the lack of attending work is killing me. Boredom is my enemy. I slept all day yesterday, even though it was frickin’ cold in here…or at least I felt like it was. You missed that one by the way, ‘frickin’ cold’ – when it’s so cold you whole body shakes and there aren’t enough blankets in the world to make a difference.

    I’m wondering if someone you spread this little germ via computer virus or something. LOL! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. PrairieWoman

    Ok, the cold must have affected my spelling ability: your whole body shakes. and: if somehow you spread this little germ….:-)

  4. Ms. C

    PW~ I am the GERMINATOR! I have thankfully stayed home, but I did share my charming attitude that one day. I hope you feel better soon. What I have is horrid and shows no sign of abatement – but it is back to work Thursday no matter what.

    GFBison~ when it gets to 20 degrees again I am going to call it mildly balmy! 😉

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