Climbing The Ladder…

Spot is curious.  If you leave a ladder where he can get to it he feels compelled to climb it.  In the instance above he climbed triumphantly to the top and surveyed the landscape.  Funny thing, climbing up was apparently much easier than climbing down. Spot was a bit humbled when I had to climb up the ladder to save him.

Not to be dissuaded from his ladder fun he found a happy medium and perched there happy as a clam.  From his perch he could ward of any other ladder raiders and pretend he was king of the kingdom. 

Spot is an odd cat.  They say animals tend to take after their owners.  Hmmmm, have I ever climbed to the top of the ladder just to find that I was just as happy and in less danger of falling if I only went mid-way?  I do believe I have, but make no mistake…no ladder raiders were swatted off.  In my world all mid-way ladder sitters are welcome to join me on my ladder rung.  I can’t speak for Spot though.

Day two hundred and fourteen of the new forty – obla di obla da


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