Snow Shuffle…

Lately my pace at NDSU has been significantly slowed by snow and ice coupled with a healthy fear of breaking a hip.  The way I shuffle around campus these days I truly look like a poor old woman who has lost her way.  Small steps and always looking down to navigate around the really nasty patches.

I have noticed that there is no room for catious walkers like me in between classes. I have to move quite far over to the side to avoid being mowed down by students hurrying to class.  I am not sure how they manage to stay upright with the carefree way they hurry along.

A number of folks have witnessed my pitiful little display of attempted self-preservation and have ribbed me about it.  It is humiliating, but seeing as it has so far been successful in protecting my bones I am committed to continuing despite the abuse.

Sara Lepp now does an impression of me doing my snow/ice shuffle.  It gives her immense delight.  There is no use in objecting to it – she just does it more and gets more hysterical. 

I cannot be alone in my distaste for slipping and falling.  Surely there are others like me. I have had a couple of nasty slips on ice since I have lived in North Dakota.  Thankfully neither resulted in any broken bones, but on one occasion I managed to rattle my brain (a concussion).

One of my new office mates In Putnam Hall broke her foot before classes started on campus and now has to go around on crutches in this treacherous terrain – can you imagine?  If crutches were added to my shuffle I would need twice as much time to get anywhere and anti-anxiety medicine (like Valium – and lots of it).

Phil, the infamous ground hog, did his thing earlier this week and apparently we are in for six more weeks of winter.  If I would have known Phil was going to be such a downer I would have had ground hog stew on February 1.  I am sincerely hoping that the remainder of winter doesn’t bring any more ice and little or no snow.  Surely spring is right around the corner.  When it arrives you can be sure of one thing, you’ll see a decided bounce in my step and as for the snow shuffle – well that will be tucked away until next year or until Sara Lepp’s next impression.

Day two hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da