My Brain Made Some Calculations…

Today I woke up with an urge to buy a stationary bike.  I think the seed was implanted yesterday when I saw a kid furiously riding his bike home.  Somewhere between the kid and opening my eyes the next day my brain made some calculations about my current weight, the length of time until spring and the seeming ease of riding a bike and came up with the idea that a stationary bike had unlimited utility (utility beyond the other exercise equipment I have purchased in the past which has historically been used to hang clothes on).

So being the overly active person I am I set out to find a stationary bike…online.  Wow, those bikes are apparently big business.  I surmise my mind isn’t the only one doing calculations…apparently there are other’s with minds like mine.  I stopped short of buying a bike today.  I thought I shop sleep on it for at least another night to see if my brain would move on to less strenuous obsessions.

I am a tad concerned as I did spend the evening dealing with all the decadent desserts at the Lion’s charity event this evening.  I served cake for quite awhile and at the end of it all ate a half a piece of the vegetarian dessert (carrot cake).  I am a bit worried how that will play out in my brain’s calculations.  Perhaps I’ll see more clearly the need for the stationary bike.  Carrots are said to improve eyesight right?  Or perhaps I’ll wake up with a new burning urge related to baking.  Oh my, that is one burning urge I can do without.  I better go look at that bike again online before I go to bed so I wake up tomorrow with a leaning toward exercise equipment not baked goods.  There can be no debate, the bike is a fine piece of equipment…I bet I could hang at least five hangers on each handlebar.

Day two hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da


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