Got Standards?

Let’s face it – standards change.  At least they do in my world.  Standards in my world change from season to season.

For example, the standard for the attractiveness of my feet and toe nails changes from the summer to the winter.  In the summer it is all cute high heel sandals and exposed feet so my piggies have to look good.  Special attention is paid to all the details – pedicures and painted toe nails are the norm and toe rings and ankle bracelets are the accessories of the season.  The winter is a bit different.

In the winter its wooly socks and sturdy boots.  The accessories are out, the pedicures are put on the back burner and the toe nail painting is done at home haphazardly.  By the time spring rolls around my feet are so nappy that I could be cited for piggie neglect.  But that is okay as the feet standard was lowered for the winter.

The standards change in relation to clothing too.  In the fall, spring and summer attention and care are paid to how attractive outfits are.  In the winter, the attention to the attractiveness factor diminishes in direct correlation with the dropping temperature.  Warmth and utility soon trump attractiveness and by early February sweatpants in every conceivable color seem an appealing addition to the wardrobe. But that is okay as the clothes standard was lowered for the winter.

The standard changes for my car as well.  In the summer and fall my car is clean, sleek and sassy.  It gets regular washes and waxes and you can check your hair in the car’s shine.  There is a sense that my car represents me well.   In the winter and spring you can barely tell what color the paint is and trips to the car wash are rare.  The sense is that there is little regard for appearances (hmmm…is a theme developing?).  But that is okay as the car standard was lowered for the winter.

Standards change in my world.  If you are just meeting me now – lower your expectations.  If you met me during the summer – brace yourself.  If you knew me from my days in California – hold on to your hat.  Not all seasons are equal in North Dakota and in my years in the state I have acclimated to that truism by adjusting standards accordingly.

The good news is, I painted my toe nails this weekend…I didn’t wash my car…but I washed three different colors of sweats.  Hey, I have standards! 😉

Day two hundred and seventeen of the new forty – obla di obla da



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  1. jimlindlauf

    You have learned well, California girl! The standard for winter in North Dakota is survival, plain and simple: Any other would be a waste of time and effort!

  2. Melissa

    I myself have 9 different color pairs of sweatpants and multiple pairs of some of the colors. I love sweatpants. My toenails are not painted right now. I wore my frickin snow boots to work today and forgot my dress shoes…thank goodness i put the slipper socks on this morning. happy monday.

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