I Am A T-Rex…

When I was a kid you didn’t take photos of yourself, someone took a photo of you. When I was a kid photos were not a daily happening.  When I was a kid photos were taken at school performances, when visitors came, when it was your birthday and on holidays.  You never saw folks extending their arm out to take a photo of themself.

These days, kids take photos of themselves endlessly, often with no rhyme or reason.  I don’t think I fully get it.  I remember the day when Polaroid cameras were a novelty.  Instant photos that developed before your eyes – it was wild.  Prior to that all I had was my old Brownie camera (if you are age forty or under you probably have no inkling what that is). Back in the days of flash cubes and manual film winding things were so different.  You’d take a photo and then you’d wait for weeks (maybe even months) until you got around to getting the film developed.  With the Polaroid you could get the photos in a flash, but the film cost relative to regular film was an extravagance that forced prudence.

On Facebook, I notice that some folks literally post what appear to be self-taken photos daily.  Of course this is all so easy with digital cameras that literally plug directly into computers.  But really, how many self photos can one person take?  And why would you take so many?  Like I said before, I don’t think I fully get it.  I loathe to admit it, but I fear I am becoming one those old folks left in the dust of new technology mumbling about the exciting inventions from my past and not fully able to grasp the allure of the breakthroughs of the present.

I am a dinosaur – no doubt soon to become extinct.  Even worse, I am a T-Rex and with my short arms I couldn’t manage to be hip and take my own photo if I wanted to.  Centuries from now when they dig up my skelton with my Brownie camera and put me on display at the museum folks will marvel at how rudimentary my life and tools were.  But hey, when I was a kid – I was on top of the technology with my Brownie camera and really pushed the envelope with my Polaroid…I was happening.   Funny how quickly one can go from happening to soooo yesterday.

Day two hundred and twenty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Tam

    Karyn does that ALL the time…I totally don’t get it. I think it stems from youtube on some level. I hate it when people take pictures of me, much less taking them of myself.So, never fear, this Triceratops (three-horned) has your back!

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