So Much For Hanging Laundry…

I am here to report that the stationary bike has arrived!  I have already been on and off it a half-dozen times.  I am really feeling the love for my newest piece of exercise equipment. Now that I have it here in the room with me I can tell you that I overestimeted the handlebar capacity for hangers.  It looks like I’ll just have to use the darn thing for exercise.

Here’s the thing though…every time I sit on it and start peddling I hear in my mind the music from the Wizard of Oz when Miss Gulch was furiously riding her bike.  Do you remember that music?  If not check it out –  I cannot seem to stop the mental imprint – do you suppose the universe is trying to tell me something?  It can’t be good.

Day two hundred and twenty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Katherine

    Feel the fresh breeze in your hair, the sun glinting on the dewy leaves and birds singing in the trees as you woosh past — savoring your good health. We can always use our imagination!

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