Journaling Myself Thin…

Let me just say, those weekly emails from Prevention magazine do not disappoint.  The subject line for this week is, "Write Your Way to a Flatter Belly!‏"  Once you open the email  you quickly realize that the point is journaling about everything you eat and capturing your thoughts and feelings about food and your eating habits.

I was so hoping that it was something more in-line with positive written affirmations that somehow miracuously transformed you.  I could do that…indeed, I’d happily do that.

I have a flatter belly.

I have the body of a 20 year old Venus.

My muscle tone is envied by all.

You can bounce a quarter off my butt.

No matter how much I eat I don’t gain a pound.

Oh yes, I have the positive written affirmations down.  If only that was the golden ticket to the flatter belly and other goals on my list.  But no, that isn’t quite it.  They want you to write down everything you eat and your thoughts and feelings.  Frankly, that sounds decidedly less appealing.  I can see it now…

Day One:

Breakfast – bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar (oatmeal -150 calories, sugar and cinnamon negligible) and water…feeling good!

Lunch – V-8 (70 calories, never mind the sodium), roast beef and swiss cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread (400 calories ignore the smattering of light miracle whip)…thinking I am "all that" – minus the bag of chips.

After lunch reward for being "all that" – mini snickers bar (no calorie information provided – can’t be much)…small rewards reinforce commitment.

Mid-day snack – Gala apple (no calorie label on the apple)…feeling healthier with every bite!

Mid-day snack reward for eating healthy – mini snickers bar and a handful of the salty nut mix for balance (a handful can’t be that big a deal – right?)…small transgressions do not diminish the overall effort.

On my way out the door of my office and headed home – a mini snickers and bottle of water for the five minute walk across the campus (surely I burn any calories in the candy during my brisk walk)…today was a good day.

Dinner – tortellini smothered in alfredo suace and parmesan cheese, but only one small piece of garlic bread (hard to come up with exact numbers – somewhere between 500 and 1,500 calories)…not so good, but at least the rest of the day was good.

After-dinner snack reward for a good first day effort – a small bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (calories do not count after 8:30 PM)…okay, so I am not perfect, that is why I have this damn journal isn’t it?

Day Two:

Sorry journal this just isn’t working out.  I am going to try some positive written affirmations, I heard that one can flatten their belly that way. 😉

Day two hundred and thirty of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. prairiewomn

    I wrote off the journal thing years ago. We didn’t get along either. I can do affirmations though. They have to count for something.

    As for your bike and Miss Gulch, ROFLMAO! Too funny. I think of you while I’m slaving away on my elliptical machine. 🙂

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