On Orange Sherbet…

On my way back to the campus from my Lions meeting on Monday I was able to document, not one, not two, but three sightings of forward fashion movement.  I was so excited!  I didn’t realize how much these sightings would mean to me.

Of note, all three sightings were ladies, all were wearing skirts that were at the knee and two were wearing knee high boots.  I took it as sign from the universe that fashion was springing forward as well as the time (DST is on March 14 – mental note to self: remember DST so you don’t miss your early AM flight that day…that would be too typical and demonstrably pitiful and further denote the fact that no number of degrees can deliver common sense); but back on task – yes indeed, fashion is heralding the coming of spring.

Back to the days where layers, warmth and utility are not the driving factors behind wardrobe selections…it seems like I have been waiting so long, but it is finally here.  The days of skirts and high heels and cute spring coats…the days of shedding the earthtones for bright spring colors…those days are here.  And while I am thinking about it,  a note on that for my fellow Lion Mark Western who teased Lion Robert Littlefield about his orange sherbet colored shirt – uh, dude – that color is totally "in" this season – seriously get with the fashion curve.

So, the evidence is out there folks – spring is upon us!  You can start to look at the whole of your closet again and actually make selections based on what looks cute or fun as opposed to what is warm.  Of course the spring will not be without challenges..primary amongst them is the really challenging quandry of what the fashion forward sandbagger wears.  The high heels may need to go down an inch or two for that endeavor, but the colors and cute/fun selection factors – those need to show up…because, let’s face it…nothing says spring like the color of  orange sherbet.  🙂

Day two hundred and forty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da