Such Is The Sheer Magic Of My Life…

Tonight let me share with you a visual that I carried with me in my mind’s eye all day.  The visual was the memory of a real life event that occurred this morning and that was captured in my bathroom mirror. 

As is true of most days, I was hurrying and trying to get down my last bite of oatmeal before I wrapped up my morning readiness ritual. I like my oatmeal thick like a gummy paste so it does not go down lightly, it actually takes considered effort.  So, having barely swallowed the last clump of oatmeal it is but a hop, skip and a jump to teeth brushing and flossing. 

It was during what can only be termed a moment of power flossing that I managed to dislodge a chunk of oatmeal that had gone undiscovered by my toothbrush.  I didn’t realize the magnitude of the chunk until I quickly lifted the floss up and out out of my mouth and the oatmeal chunk flew up landing unceremoniously in my hair. I sat there for a long moment marveling at the size of the chunk in my hair and wondering why I even attempt to go out pretending I am a normal person.  The visual, well…it was spectacular. 

Before I took out the chunk I had a realization: every day I eat oatmeal, brush and power floss…how many of those days have I had oatmeal in my hair without realizing it?  What a thought.  It occurred to me that folks must wonder what the heck goes on in my house.  So today, I soaked in the visual to remind myself that in my world it will always be something.  Today I saw the oatmeal, tomorrow I may not. Such is the sheer magic of my life.

Day two hundred and forty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. PrairieWoman

    That’s when you have to trust and rely on your very good, closest friends / coworkers. You know the ones that will tell you anything that you NEED to know. 🙂

  2. jimlindlauf

    Once again, you take an everyday occurence and turn it into something funny. All right, this isn’t an everyday occurence for us “normal” people, but it’s fun to read about how the other half live too! My flossed “chunks” usually end up splattered against the mirror, and I have to get the paper towels and glass cleaner out.

  3. Ms. C

    Thanks all for the comments. I have been doing a pat down every day after flossing now to see if any errant chunks managed to get away from me-seriously, my life is so glam! 😉

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