Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction…

Do you know of the Walkers?  They are a fictional family on a television show called Brothers & Sisters (on ABC).  The family is compromised of a strong mother (the father died in an early episode) and five grown children (two girls and three boys).  The Walker family, while a tad dysfunctional, is very connected.  No secrets can be kept among the bunch because as soon as one Walker tells another Walker something it has a way of spreading to all the others. 

As a family goes they are quirky and very endearing.  It doesn’t hurt that the matriarch is played by Sally Field (and I like her, I really like her) and that the oldest sister now has a french boyfriend played by Gilles Marini (who is a hunk of a man by any one’s standards). So we know of the Walkers here.  We watch the show regularly.  We are amused and sometimes dismayed by the predicaments they get into and heartened by their connectivity.

There is a reason that I bring up the Walker family.   On Monday, I was catching up with Cheyenne on the happenings of the past week and I mentioned something to her about her brother Cory that I thought she did not know about.  She said to me (with that look of hopeless exasperation at my inability to grasp fundamental truths in life – a look I get more and more frequently these days), "Mom, I already know that…Sarah told me last week."  And then she added, "We are like the Walker family – we all know what is going on with each other."

I had to smile (even given her exasperated look) at her comparison on our family with the Walkers.  It was an accurate one (at least on one front – not sure about all the other Walker wackiness).  We are all connected like that…I like that about us, but it is likewise maddening at times…we are in times of crisis, merriment or the mundane above all other things a fairly cohesive unit.  I guess it is true, truth is stranger than fiction – at least where families like the Walkers are concerned…is that a bad thing?  I think not, but just to be sure let me discuss it with my whole clan and get back to you. 😉

Day two hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da




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  1. HOMD

    I have to admit to having the opposite problem. I’ll mention something and at least one member of my family will say, “What? Why didn’t anyone tell me!?” Ooops.

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