I Have Had A Long-term Love Affair…

I have had a long-term love affair…with Mexican food.  Having spent the bulk of my life in California I had years of very authentic Mexican food to deepen my love.  The love affair began in earnest when I dated a boy named Richard Rodriquez as a teen.  I often ate dinner at his home and his mom would make homemade tortillas and tamales – I knew then that I was in love (with the food, not the boy).

I confess, I took my love affair for granted for awhile there – I forgot how good I had it.  When I moved to North Dakota in 1997 I started searching for authentic Mexican food.  As a girl raised in Southern California my bar for Mexican food was notably higher than most.  Since I have been here, I have been trying to find the love I left behind – authentic Mexican food.  I have found a few dishes at a few restaurants that have been okay, but nothing that really measured up to some of the dishes that sustained me all those years in California.

Well, today I tried Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant & Grill with three of my four kids (Cory had to work) and I think I have found my favorite Mexican restaurant in North Dakota to date.  I had the Tacquitos Mexicanas and it was very good and very filling – I took two of the four tacquitos home (and these were not the frail tacquitos you know from frozen food aisles – these were fresh fully stuffed corn tortillas).  All of us very much enjoyed our meals and the chips.  Plus we tried three salsa variations all of which were really good. 

As for the quality of the service (which is something I value almost as much as food quality) – well, the service was STELLAR. I loved, loved, loved the service!  The waiter was very responsive, was great with questions, had our food out lickety split, and checked back often to see if we needed anything.

And as for the price – especially as it relates to the amount of food you get – ay caramba!  All four of us received huge plates of food (half of which we took home) and the bill was a mere $40.  Seriously – how fab is that??

So, good food and stellar service at a very reasonable price…yeah, I am feeling the love for Jalapenos.  The only downside of re-igniting my love affair with Mexican food will be the requisite time working off the calories on my exercise bike…but what the heck, who ever said love was easy? 😉

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