It Must Have Been The Fishing Opener…

I get lots of unsolicited email.  Recently I have been targeted by handyman and hunting folks who want me to test new products.  Today I have moved on to fishing gear.  My most recent email in this series was titled, "You’ve been rewarded! Test & keep fishing gear plus receive a complimentary fishing magazine."‏

Fishing…hmmmm.  If they are talking about fishing for compliments then I am on-board, but if they are talking about real fishing – ahh, no…that is not me.  I don’t fish, hunt, camp or Nascar – I am not a folksy kind of gal.  I don’t eat fish and even if I did, my idea of food procurement is certainly not that  of the rugged individual procurer who kills the food.  I like my food neatly packaged at the grocery store – thank you.  I also prefer that it not look like it did when it was alive when I encounter it in the store.  I really should be a vegetarian…I just wish I liked vegetables more. 

At any rate, the email advising me of my reward of fishing gear and a complimentary fishing magazine fell flat.  Clearly they picked the wrong gal for that pitch. I wonder if they think that all North Dakota residents are naturally rugged and just assumed that by virtue of living in the state I too am rugged.  The state does carry that image to outsiders and perhaps to many insiders as well.  It is a wonder I was even admitted to the state at all with my high heels and sissy propensities.  I don’t likely fit most rugged folks views of a hearty North Dakotan (transplanted- it is true, but still proud to be a resident of the great state).  Someone must not have been paying attention the day I rode into town…it must have been the fishing opener…yep, that likely explains it. 

So, fishing gear – no thanks.  Now, if you want me to test and keep cute shoes – you have come to the right place.  Luckily, shoe season never ends and it is one item that I am willing to procure myself out in the wild.

Day two hundred and sixty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. GFBison

    Unlike fish, there’s no limit to the number of shoes you can keep! Most shoes don’t require refrigeration either to keep from smelling bad.

  2. Rich

    Also unlike fish-friends should not be thrown out after 3 days!!!! They must have sent youtthose outdoor items cuz they think you are “saucy”!!! :)) Rich

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