Beyond The Traditional Birthday Gifts…

Cheyenne is an interesting kid.  In-between developing and fine-tuning her delightful "tween" attitude she reads and ponders many things.  She believes wholeheartedly that she can contribute to the abatement of the world’s ills.  She read in a magazine a couple of months ago about birthday parties wherein the birthday girl or boy asked that party attendees bring a gift for a selected charity as opposed to bringing something for the birthday child.  She immediately loved that idea and shared with me that her birthday party this year would include gifts for the local Humane Society.  We are big animal lovers (most days…days without thunder, fireworks, barking, howling and chewing…those days I am a bit less of an animal lover).

I wholeheartedly supported this idea, but candidly thought that she would forget about it by the time her birthday rolled around.  Not a chance.  Like a dog with a bone (sorry – I had to do it), she remained on point all the way.   She remained determined to make her birthday party gifts about the shelter (of course she allowed her siblings, parents and grandparents to shower gifts on her personally – her altruism has limits). 

This year Cheyenne’s birthday party will be celebrated while she is with her dad. She has selected a group of friends who will accompany her to the dinosaur extravaganza at the Dome this weekend in celebration of her birthday (which was actually on April 1, but is shaping up to be a two week event).  Per Cheyenne’s request I printed off the Humane Society’s wish list for her party friends.  Cheyenne wanted them to be able to give actual things to the Humane Society as opposed to just money.

The wish list was so short and the items so easy to donate (in regard to cost), that I thought I should include it here in case anyone reading this blog would like to donate something to this great organization (see more about the FM Humane Society at

FM Humane Society Wish List


• Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food
• Kitten food (Purina preferred)
• Clay Cat litter (non-scoopable)
• Kong Dog Toys


• Postage Stamps
• Printer Cartridges: HP 92&93


• Liquid Hand Soap
• Tall Kitchen trash bags
• Small trash bags
• Laundry Detergent
• Bleach
• Gently-used Towels

I will be sending a bag of items to the shelter in honor of Cheyenne’s commitment and I will be sending postage stamps in early May as there is a new first class stamp release coming out of the USPS that features shelter animals and encourages animal rescue (and they are ADORABLE- see You can only preorder them now as they officially release on April 30. I have pre-ordered a number of books for the shelter and for me.   I strongly encourage others to do the same – buy some to donate and for yourself – as they send a powerful message (even if it is just to the electric or the telephone company – your use of these stamps speaks volumes about your belief in the value of animal rescue).

So, if you have a birthday party coming up and want to try something new – try having your guests donate items to a selected charity.  The days of getting sweaters or ties you don’t want or need can be relegated to the past and both you and the giver will know that the gift given really mattered. 

Smart idea…so happy my child could introduce me to it.  I have heard that saying, "out of the mouth of babes", but who knew it could apply to "tweens" as well?  Somewhere between the attitude and growing pains there is a humanitarian in there…God, please allow me to remember that the next time she glares at me as if I am the stupidest person on the planet.

Day two hundred and eighty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Heather

    I would like to personally thank Cheyenne for her caring and thoughtful idea to bypass birthday presents and instead, give to those in need. I am the Shelter Manager at the FM Humane Society and we can not thank you (and your mother) enough for sharing your birthday presents with our animals. The dogs and cats can not express their gratitude, but I know if they could, they would shower her in hugs and licks 🙂 Thanks again! ~Heather

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