The Starting Line-up…

Let me give you the starting line-up this morning:

1) Dishwasher;

2) Cheyenne; and,

3) Me.

I love my new hot water heater, but now possess conclusive evidence on its limitations which are as follows:

Diswasher load that starts at 6 AM runs for about an hour and uses very hot water + shower that starts at 7 AM, uses hot water and lasts for 30 minutes + second shower that has hot water for about two minutes before hot water supply is depleted.

Considering the fact that I typically take showers that are about ten minutes long and the fact that it is almost impossible to shave one’s legs when they are covered in goosebumps, mama will be moving up in the line-up.  

What they say is very true, "If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy."  I might add a bit of clarification to that, "If mama has to take a cold shower, mama ain’t happy."  Enough said.

Day two hundred and eighty-four of the new forty



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  1. Ms. C

    Roxane ~ absolutely a must!

    Miss Amy ~ that is my usual approach, but this one time I messed up…it surely will not happen again!

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