The Notion Of Endless Possibilities…

Today when I was driving home from dropping Cheyenne off at school a Beach Boy’s song came on the radio.  The Beach Boys coupled with my open sun roof, the sunshine and the fresh air took me right back to the seventies and memories of high school.  I could feel the same type of anticipation I felt back then about the school year ending and the promise of summer fun.  It was a magical moment really…an opportunity to feel and remember the lightness that is in a young girl’s dreams…the notion of endless possibilities.

I wish I could bottle that feeling.  It reminded me that life isn’t just about work or paying bills or cooking dinner…life is most salient in the moments in which we realize we can engineer a future of our own design – a future where all the doors are open. 

I think I will go dig out my Beach Boys Greatest Hits CD and put it in the car…maybe with a little luck I can revisit that feeling again and again.  At the very least I will be singing along to the Beach Boys and soaking in the rays and fresh air – not a bad Plan B.

Day two hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da


2 Responses

  1. abra la mente

    Isn’t it amazing what fresh air, sunshine, and the Beach Boys can do for one’s spirit? The clouds and cooler air have moved in–perhaps the Beach Boys could help me ignore that!

  2. Kay Syvrud

    Even I—IN my seventies (not in school in the Seventies!) love the Beachboys and have their Greatest Hits DC!
    Wow….are we multigenerational or what????

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