WTF? Senior singles?

Okay…so I am on Facebook the other day and on the ads on the right I see a photo of an attractive man and the following text:

Date Men over 50
Meet 1000s of senior singles near you at Join Free!

Really? Senior singles?  That is what I am reduced to…a senior single? 

I have to tell you, seeing this gave me pause.  It is one thing for AARP to stalk me, but when dating sites start labeling me based on my age and Facebook status as part of the targeted marketing group for senior singles I have got to re-evaluate lying about my age.

I am telling you – this whole notion of being targeted as a dating senior tires me out – where the hell is my Geritol?

Day two hundred and ninety-four of the new forty – obla di obla da


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I teach at NDSU...but I remain a student of life with all the enthusiasm that entails. My favorite saying is, "Sometimes you have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down." In the new forty that is what I am doing...building my wings.
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One Response to WTF? Senior singles?

  1. Stan says:

    When spouses decide after the kids leave home they don’t need us anymore we can become single seniors. I am fortunate enough to find A group called Beginning Experience to help me put myself together again and to provide a base of age appropriate friends to socialize with.

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