The Beauty That Arises Out Of A Commitment To Culture And Expression…

Last night I was fortunate to be able to see the Ragamala Dance Theatre (see and the Wadaiko Ensemble Tokara (see perform at MSUM.  It was an amazing performance – beautiful, rich in meaning and athletic…in a word- it was mesmerizing. 

The movement in the dance was so precise, yet fluid and the dancers ability to convey meaning with their movement and expression was nothing short of amazing.  Watching the lovely ladies of this theatre group dance made me want to put consciousness into every step and movement I make.  Walking away from that performance you cannot help but be in awe of the power and beauty of deliberate movement.

As for the Wadaiko Ensemble Tokara (a taiko drumming group from Japan) – well – wow.  The sheer strength, energy and passion evident in their performance was invigorating and thrilling to behold.  I would not have believed that watching drumming alone for any length of time could be so riveting, but it certainly was.  When the dance troupe joined the drummers on-stage and wove a story into the power and passion the drum ensemble was delivering it was about as fabulous a performance as I have ever seen.

I didn’t come upon this performance myself.  I was invited to see it by a friend who is clearly paying more attention to all the great opportunities for entertainment in the FM area than I have been.  I am so glad he invited me, otherwise I might not have had the opportunity to learn about these two groups of amazing performers (thank you David). 

It is always nice to be exposed to the beauty that arises out of a commitment to culture and expression.  The world is a big place and unfortunately I haven’t been to the whole of it – but last night I collected a bit more exposure and understanding than I had possessed before and I feel richer for it.

Day three hundred and one of the new forty – obla di obla da


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