Supply And Demand…

I was reading about the disparity between single men and single women in Stanley, North Dakota in the Forum yesterday.  It seems all the hardworking oil workers that have transcended upon the area are a bit lonely and looking for dates amongst the local female population.  This is apparently cutting into the male locals’ territory as well.

Ah, the law of supply and demand.  It is a little less cut and dry in the situation of matters of the heart (albeit, likely not all of the attention suitors may be directing toward the local gals is generating from their hearts).  There are less local gals (limited supply) and plenty of lonely oil workers with money to burn (high demand) and as such the market price is driven upward.  Local suitors who may have been the cat’s meow a year ago because they were thoughtful and attentive and the best in the limited selection pool are now in competition with a vast array of oil boys who tend to have more money and more excess energy to devote to the mating process.

Oh, but to be one of the local gals at this point.  It is like going from choosing from three flavors of ice cream at the local drug store ice cream counter to a Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors ice cream shop.  Lots of new choices that may look more exciting and enticing than the three flavors one had come accustomed to in the previous limited selection.  Those gals must be in a rough spot.  Do they stick with the tried and true that they know or try one of the new and more exotic flavors now available?  Isn’t there a tenet in human nature that pushes us to want to explore beyond our boundaries – to test new waters?

Sounds like exciting times in Stanley, North Dakota.  It is an interesting quandry to be a single gal out there in Stanley.  I’ll be curious to see how it all shakes out; but I have no doubt that it will all work itself out in the end.  After all, even with 31 flavors at some point you settle into a favorite or two. 

Now, as for those of you who see an entrepreneurial opportunity is this situation – such as a Singles to Stanley weekend bus tour that departs from Fargo on Fridays at 5 PM and returns on Sundays at 5 PM  – well, I am thinking there just may be a market (and the local men of Stanley will surely invest in such a worthwhile venture).  Of course, I will graciously volunteer my services as a tour guide on the bus in support of all my single sisters – because I believe in exploring new boundaries and I love ice cream. 😉

Day three hundred and two of the new forty – obla di obla da



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  1. Rich

    Supply/demand? Yes. But there is another age tested bit of advice. No matter how good looking(insert male/female) the person is at the end on the bar stool, coffee shop, public outing, whatever. There is also somebody tired of putting up with that person’s………put what ever you would like..I’ll use the term “baggage”! 🙂 Rich

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