The House That Joe Built…

Let me say for the record, "I am FED UP with the fall-out from Joe Chapman."  I was going to say, "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore", but someone else already used that line in a movie.

Whew, I needed to get that off my chest.  I have been on a simmer regarding Joe Chapman ever since he cut and run from the university in November.  Yesterday, the simmer reached a boil when I started my day at NDSU with an email announcing Bruce Frantz’s resignation(NDSU’s Facility Director).  If you are keeping track, this is the second "facilitated" resignation since Chapman’s unceremonious exit.  But wait, that isn’t right…Joe’s exit wasn’t really all that "un"-ceremonius at all.  There were actually campaigns for him to stay and meet and greets to thank him.  Now Joe is living large somewhere while the ones remaining take the fall for the things that happened under Joe’s direction (and perhaps his urging). 

I may be a tad naive about the world, but shouldn’t the buck have stopped at Joe since he created the climate in which all the folks under him operated?  It is hard to buck the boss – especially one who is given carte blanche by others higher up in the political food chain.  The proverbial house that Joe built – a house where he was the king and where orders were obeyed – looked pretty good on the outside for the longest time, but now that we can see a bit better inside it appears that all was not well in the land of Chapman.  Folks were intimidated into making Joe’s vision happen, even if that meant bending rules and circumventing processes. Now that Joe has fled from the kingdom with all the money and student goodwill he could carry, those of us who are left can only sit back and watch the kingdom crumble.  Unfortunately, culpability in the crumbling of the kingdom is now left to those who complied with the orders of Joe.

I like Bruce Frantz and I think he is a good guy.  It is very disappointing to lose him at NDSU.  I am afraid to see who will be the next casualty, but one thing is for sure – the ultimate culprit will never be held accountable.  

Day three hundred and six of the new forty – obla di obla da



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  1. Answer Guy

    Someone within the Ag College that is not a Whiskey Joe enabler? You are my new favorite person in Fargo. (It wasn’t a very long list to climb.)

  2. Ms. C

    Answer Guy – thanks, that is the kind of list I like to be at the top of…sometimes I am at the top of others’ lists, but it isn’t a favorite Fargo person list. 😉


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