Lost And Found…

Have you ever lost something important to you and then turned your life and everyone else’s around you upside down looking for it?  I am not typically one of those people, but regretfully, yesterday I was. It was at about 6 PM yesterday that I discovered that the notebook that I carry around in my purse day-in and day-out and religiously scribble in was missing in action.  The absence of that notebook caused quite a frenzy as that notebook has "stuff" in it…valuable "stuff"…some private "stuff"…but mostly just "stuff" I couldn’t bear the thought of losing – and it was missing and God only knows where.

I turned my car and my house upside down looking for it to no avail.  Then I had to mentality backtrack to try and remember when I saw it last and beg people who inadvertantly became involved in the drama because I believed I may have dropped it in their home or car to look for it.  It was a tad traumatizig for all involved I believe – especially since no one I imposed on could find it in their home or car.

I can understand if you are thinking that I am going over the top about losing this notebook, after all it doesn’t contain any government secrets and there is nothing in it that will criminally implicate me, but the "stuff" in there is important to me.

I wrang my hands late into the evening when it couldn’t be found and finally went to bed completely dejected…and low and behold, what do you think was there sitting under my carelessly flung comforter…yep, you guessed it that $%#@&^! notebook.  Well, I was happy and mad and frustrated all at the same time. It all came back to me then.  I was digging through my purse yesterday morning for something else while sitting on my bed and I must have taken the darn thing out and not remembered to put it back in.  Then I must have haphazardly pulled the comforter over it without realizing it.  Hours of my time and others’ time spent looking for this and it was there all along!  ARRRGHH!

If I had properly made my bed that morning like a good citizen, none of this would have happened (I can hear the universe telling me that now).  Well, after that experience I concluded that I better tear out any extra-special pages out of that pad that I didn’t feel I could bear to lose (which ended up being darn near every written page) and put them somewhere in my house where I was not going to lose them. 

Honestly, all that over a little notebook…why couldn’t I just lose my keys like a regular person?  One thing is for sure – the next time I lose anything, the first thing I will do is make sure my bed is properly made – clearly, that is one of the overriding messages here….the other message…hmmmmm, I think it has something to do with keeping one’s wits about them. 

Day three hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Rich

    There are somethings that I never did find. Set of keys,watch from my daughter 🙁 , graduation card/money for a student, more car keys, and other things. I would really like to know where that stuff went!!!!! :OO

  2. Ms. C

    Rich~the pertinent questions are- amidst all that loss- 1)did you make your bed properly; and 2) did you keep your wits about you?

  3. Amy

    I seem to have lost a very expensive and important camera lens. I’m talking $1000 for the thing! I’ve torn up its usual hiding spots, turned my apartment upside down, begged my friends to check their houses. No luck. I’m heading to Oregon and Washington on Wednesday without my favorite lens. Instead, I paid $200 to rent one for 10 days. It is a very nice replacement, but when i return I’m just going to have to buy a new lens to replace my favorite one. It’s so disappointing.

  4. HOMD

    In high school, a notebook of sappy poetry (written by me) went missing in science class. I have a suspicion that someone nabbed it and tossed it behind the file cabinets. Woe to whoever finds it.

  5. Ms. C

    Miss Amy ~ I am sorry to hear that lens never showed up – that is a bit bigger a deal than my silly notebook.

    HOMD ~ oh my – the lost poetry journal…what school was that in? 😉

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