A Proponent Of Warning Labels…

Something set me off kilter yesterday – actually someone – and that had a downhill spiral effect on my mood for the rest of the day.  So the person who set me off kilter created a pay-it-forward movement wherein I shared my downwarding spiral mood with the rest of my world which then undoubtedly rippled negatively across other worlds.  So – one person – one singular person – can have a domino effect on a greater group of people’s psyche.  Now I’ll note that this can go either way – positive or negative.  I’ll also note that I am not innocent, I could have maintained equilibrium by not allowing the person to set me off kilter – alas, I did not.

It got me to thinking…people should have warning labels.  Maybe not neon and blinking like the "Tilt" sign on pinball machines, but something that at least advises the happy-go-lucky person coming their way that they are about to hit a windshield going 60 miles an hour (and we all know that nothing deflates one’s good mood faster than being a splat on someone else’s windshield).

I think these labels would be valuable in a number of ways.  They could help one avoid less than pleasant interactions at work or while travelling about in the world, in dealing with family members and in avoiding potential dating fiascos.  The label should display things such as moods and general characteristics (as both can serve as fast moving windshields to the rest of us happily buzzing through life).

These warning labels would not be the same as Jeff Foxworthy’s trademark comedy bit, "Here’s your sign!", but they would serve a similar purpose – saving the otherwise unknowing from interacting with the unknown that may be less than pleasant.  At least with a label folks could proceed at their own risk.

So, I think it appropriate to share some of the warning labels I would have appreciated being prominently displayed on some of the folks I have run across and interacted with over my years on the planet. 

Here they are:

"Not in the mood for human interaction."

"Hate outgoing women with their own opinion."

"Ability to make two hands seem like eight when in close proximity."

"I had my longtime pet dog stuffed and he still lives with me."

"Don’t speak to me little person – just bow silently."

"Piercings in places you can not even begin to imagine."

"God’s gift to the world."

"One track mind and on that track no one has clothes on."

"Still lives with mother."

"Intellectual capacity of a hamster."

"Lies a bit…oh wait…lied about that…lies A LOT."

"Personality of a earthworm."

"Clips toenails in public places."

"Favorite band is The Monkees."

"Subject to explosion without warning."

"Unabashed nose picker."

"Have seen every Star Trek episode since the beginning of time and attends the convention."

"Yes I am special – look at me – I am the most special person of all."

"Don’t talk to me…don’t look at me…don’t breathe on me."

"Lost in my own world and not looking to be found."

"Have an odd fascination with feet and toes."

"Easily distracted by leggy blondes."

"Dark and twisty personality with a lens on the world that is the same."

"Are you talking to me??!!"

Wow…I got carried away there.  I think I could have gone on for hours…there may be some residual angst remaining from some of these interactions.  It is a good thing that it is about time to get Cheyenne up for school or I would likely be blogging here for days (I have been on the planet for awhile and met a number of folks who should have had warning labels).

As for my warning label…well, I imagine there are probably a whole litany of them, but today I think the most appropriate one is, "Go ahead…make my day…I have a blog and I know how to use it." 🙂

Day three hundred and seventeen of the new forty – obla di obla da


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  1. Rich

    Something set me off kilter yesterday – is this along the lines of a butterfly stepped on a leave in the rain forest type chain reaction????? Maybe people should be required to wear mood rings, mood headbands to give fair warning!! 🙂

  2. Ms. C

    Rich ~ you seem to have a firm grasp on the process.

    GFBison ~ bummer! I hope things got better.

    Cory ~ your label – “Seeking food and Lewis Black tickets.”

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