Is More Than A Handful A Waste?

I posted the following quotation from Margaret Mead on my Facebook page today and I wanted to share it here as well: “I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce.”

I feel that today – my female fierceness.  I think I am blossoming more and more with each step away from the semester and toward the summer and I do believe I am becoming quite a handful.  I am reminded at this juncture that not all men can handle fierce women.  Fierce women require men that have a strong sense of self and who are not afraid to be wide open.  There are men like that out there and they can be picked out of the crowd by their level of confidence which is crazy sexy to the fierce girls.

Sometimes men are afraid that a gal that is a handful will overwhelm them by becoming more than a handful and more than he can handle.  And I do believe it has been said that anything more than a handful is a waste (albeit, perhaps not in this context). 

Here’s the thing though, strong men who step into the fray with fierce women often find that an equilibrium develops between them that is just enough without being too much.  Fierce women need the luxury of sometimes being a little less than fierce and it is only really comfortable when that equilibrium exists. 

So fierce women are not for the faint of heart…let’s face it – no one gets the brass ring just by looking at it and wishing they had it…one needs to full on grab for it and hold on tight…and while it may be a handful once in your grasp, it is well worth it and just the right amount. 😉

So to all my fierce sisters out there I say – hold out for the guy who isn’t afraid to jump into the fray and hold tight – life isn’t meant for settling.

Day three hundred and twenty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Rich

    And I do believe it has been said that anything more than a handful is a waste (albeit, perhaps not in this context). When I first saw the headline I thought,”Wow!” Upon further review……The headline reminded me of what a bartender said to me as I was having an under aged beer in an VFW Club while in college-always good advice. Still it was an interesting blog. What is it that attracts one to another? Testosterone is a driving force in the sex drive of both males/females so a feisty gal can have it’s benefits! As long as she doesn’t want to arm wrestle you!!!!!! Rich…

  2. Roger-father of the warrior

    Women in combat-I know a bit of this discussion,21 years doing the deeds of our leaders. I named my only child my daughter Delaney. Translation from the Celtic = daughter of the warrior, says much about my feelings on this topic.

  3. Jim

    meow … oops, roar, yeah that’s it, ROAR! If its alright with you dear? 🙂
    All relationships are balancing acts between total independance, alliance, and total reliance. And I opine that alliance makes the strongest union.
    And confidence can be shared, like a vintage that has matured (among the new 40), making both stronger.
    Besides, a fierce woman is lots more fun!

  4. Ms. C

    Gentlemen ~ your comments warm my heart and reassure me that the fierce girls of the world are welcomed with open arms! xo

    Ms. C

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