The Official Position On PDA Is…

So, what is your position on PDA?  Oh, and for my emergency management friends I am not talking Preliminary Damage Assessments…I am talking Public Displays of Affection (although some displays of PDA may need a PDA).

I have vacillated on this topic over the years.  I have never been against PDA, but some times in my life I have been more amenable to it than others – at least as it applies to my practice of PDA (I don’t think I have ever too much minded others’ PDA unless it was so involved that it necessitated an early birds and the bees talk with my young children). 

Practicing PDA really does require a certain placement of one’s interests above what others may think is appropriate; yet, even that is on such a spectrum as even a simple touch can display affection.  You don’t have to look far this time of year to see folks holding hands,hugging and kissing in public…remember sex theory #129 – this is THE time for more sex and these little pushes of intimacy are all part of that dance.  I think PDA evidences many really nice things about people and relationships and on that front I am a fan, but in the same vein it evidences to the world some level of intimacy that you have now put out there without regard for others to see.  And yes, that is the part I intellectually have struggled with at times over the years…the public commitment that goes with PDA.  This is even more so in the area we live in as on any given day you may run into folks you know from work or church or school when you are out and about.

I had a realization last night though…in some instances my desire to display my affection supercedes any concern I have about committing to it in public.  So today I think it important to actually adopt my own official position on PDA and here it is: PDA as expressed as a natural outgrowth of what is going on in the moment and if the commitment to it seems right in the moment – then what the heck – go for it (again, with the proviso that you aren’t causing parents to have to discuss sex education with their children or doing something else patently offensive to everyone within viewing distance). 

And let’s face it…how much trouble can someone in the new forty get into with PDA?  Oh wait, don’t answer that…just let me know if you ever think I am headed toward it – the too much trouble part that is…the PDA…yeah, I think I am going to be all over that this summer.  😉 

Day three hundred and thirty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. jR

    I’m not sure but I think we invented PDA here in the south. Southerners never miss a chance for a good full body hug and smooth on the cheek. What happens after all this has been the fodder for many a novel, see Tennessee Williams, Faulkner, Margret Mitchell, John Grisham, Capote and George Singleton (my fav) A clip froma No Dak paper-“Southerners are huge huggers. Along with grits, red-eye gravy, sweet potato pie, fried okra and God-knows-what- else on the kitchen table, we are distinguished by gratuitous hugs, welcoming laps for new babies and lots of face pats, shoulder pats and even double handholding when necessary. When we sit down to eat, we cannot resist touching someone during conversation. If a napkin falls to the floor and we bend down to retrieve it during the meal, we might reach out to a tablemate to hoist us back up. We’re a touchy bunch.
    So you can see my dilemma upon moving to South Dakota.”

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