Emile Zola said, "I am here to live out loud."  Me too, Emile. 

I am on day three of my moxie-liscious week…still out at the National Emergency Training Center/Emergency Management Institute at the FEMA Hi Ed Conference.  I now have four of my five presentations out of the way, have enjoyed my traditional Wednesday blintzes and am readying myself to enjoy karaoke tonight. I am having a blast here…oh, wait…that is not right…I am having a @#45&%%#$@!!! BLAST here!

Last night a group of my hi ed colleagues went out to eat together in Emmitsburg, MD and we were indeed living out loud…and truth be told, probably being too loud and rambunctious for a public place – but it did not deter us one bit.  We were living as loud as possible in the moment and damn – it was fun!  We joked and laughed and commiserated and laughed some more – it was rich.

I stored it all up in my memory bank as it may be another year before I have the pleasure of these folks’ company again.  I know I will smile every single time I reflect upon it though as all of us there in that moment – we were living out loud and the synergy was the stuff that the best moments in life are made of.

Thank you Dorothy, Miss Amy, Roger, Jane, Rob, Chris and Jessica – your life spirits in concert were truly deafening and that is the kind of loud I love!

Day three hundred and thirty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C